Photography Tips and Tricks: Tips on Child Photography – Episode 53

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Host RC gives you information for gear, tips and inspirations to help you take your photography over to the next level. In this episode RC offers valuable tips and rules on taking photography pictures of children.

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Juan M. Ruiz says:

Underrated channel

Sally Cho says:

Learned a lot of great tips! Thanks

Monica Thiel says:

Great Video: can you tell me the settings for children photos ?

Izabela Madejczyk says:

Great video

Pok Nacario says:

Please tell me the music/artist/song that was used on the intro. I really like it. So relaxing.

micheal morris says:

good thing i am Short:) i am already down low

UFGator1972 says:

Boy that guy on the back is distracting and hard to look at.

Isla He says:

awesome tips, thanks heaps!

Andrea Szabó says:

haha 😀 Matt 😀

Don Gerra Marco says:

Don't drop the baby please

Chris Helms says:

@RC Concepcion this was a great show! I love the tips — they can be applied to so much more than just children's photography

Audrey7648 says:

Funny Matt, but so true!

laratta says:

Someone please tell me what is the name of the intro vocal trance song. Thanks.

Oxizee says:

RC that mount with the phone, is just cheating, ahahaha!!!

Gordo Simmins says:

5min into this video I'm 100% certain I don't want to shoot kids!

Roy Hollister says:

Great tips thanks, and I really like the Look Lock Visual System great idea…

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