Photography Tips | 7 Practical Ideas | 35mm f1.8 S Stills + Footage | Matt Irwin

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Streamlining your travel gear may have you forget things & and miss certain considerations. With the Nikon Z7 35mm + 50mm 1.8 primes we travel interstate, and chat about what might seem obvious, but sometimes forgotten when away from home.

This episode shot with the #NikonZ7

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Matt Irwin Photography says:

We have all travelled with our gear, what are the things you need, and what are the things you might not think about?

Wayne Markovich says:

Great tips and great low light shots! Thanks for sharing. I agree with you on not using a back pack being large. I use a Tom Bihn "Road Buddy Duffe 36" that is the needed size for flying and meets the size requirements for your small carry on personal item and is also the perfect size to use when out walking and holds all the gear needed.

Troy Hasler says:

Loved that black and white image at the end. Love your work Matt.

Sorin Markus says:

Very professional video, super well done

Steve Kunder says:

Fun video, enjoy your stuff!

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