Photography On Cloudy Days – Mike Browne

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You can shoot awesome photos on cloudy days. I get asked ‘How to do photography on cloudy, grey, overcast days’ a lot. Look at the light qualities (not quantity) and compose images around the light.

I’m back in Zurich at Pfäffikersee lake where I do the Zurich Masterclass. Last time it was sunny, so this time lets go find some grey day photos

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Satyam H says:

Great teaching -thanks a lot!

Ian Middleton : Photography & Travel says:

Great video and tips. I always get people on my workshops thinking that if it's cloudy or raining there isn't a photograph to be had, but that is simply not true. If it's grey, then I look for colour in the grey such as people with colourful umbrellas or colourful leaves in autumn. Even on overcast days there are often subtle changes in light.

Terry Allen says:

I really love your comments supporting kit lens.
Also appreciated is the great value you give in the video…and then at the end suggest subscribing/liking, versus all the other photographers who act/perform like they have ants in their pants…and ask us to subscribe before we even know if they are any good.

Helena Santos says:

great . thank you for this video 🙂

alborada777 says:

Useful tips, some motivational speech combined with a touch of humour. Thanks for the video. Much appreciated…

KnorpelDelux says:

I love how you look at photography not just from a technical point of view but from an emotional and psychological if you will. I often feel like going out and taking photos…I love camera technology and telling stories with the pictures I take…but something holds me back from just going outside and taking shots sometimes…the weather, fear of running around endlessly without finding the right motive. You address those "fears" in a way I have not seen on any other youtube channel. Hats off to you, Mr. Browne.

Ctj Chan says:

Great video! Thank you for all the tips.

Emily Thompson says:

Your cadence reminds me so much of the great Ricky Gervais, I could listen for hours.

Great information in this video. Coincidentally it’s a gloomy day here in Colorado, and I think I’m going to go play around and shoot. Thanks for the motivation Mike.

gorur suresh says:

Excellent technical information ,thanks a lot

Paul Johnson says:

Well what can I say Mike, fantastic video thank you for sharing. How do you get your images so sharp? Is that the quality of the lens or camera or both? I seem to struggle to get really pin sharp images…any tips would be really appreciated. I look forward to your next video.

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