Photography Basics for Noobs | Beginner Guide

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In this video, I will show you how to use the basic settings for a camera to take manual photos. I go through iso, shutter speed and aperture and what they all do and how they affect each other. Enjoy!

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acitua says:

400 iso,1/800 shutter speed and 1.3 aperture

abdallhQ8y says:

thanks alot

Tayyib Shah says:

2:19 ah, ofc, good old shutter jpeep

JR P says:

quicker shutter speed and lower aperture

Ananya Panikker says:

The ISO is 100
The Shutter speed is 1/5000
The Aperture is F 1.4

Rumple Stiltzchen says:

Low aperture and high shutter speed

GameOver365 says:

2:15 Shutter speep is the most important aspect

Wolfpack 677 says:

Lower iso quicker shutter speed and lower aperture

MADMATT 1473 says:

Shutter speed = low
Armature = mid to high

Andy Lopez says:

awesome explanation thank you so much

g s says:

shutter jpeep

Nada Ghadanfar says:

low aperture and low shutter speed

NKL says:

since he going FAST AF boi, that means the shutter speed has to be FAST AF BOI, so some low as fuck fraction of a second to really get that crisp shot of him constantly moving. The background is noticeably blurred, therefore the aperature must be within a lower number range to get the subject clear and the background a blurred. Finally, the ISO or fake like as Peter Mckinnon likes to call it, is idk honestly since the image is pretty clear id say it be a slightly lower iso since everything is SHARP AF but yea idk lol

I have an health issues says:

Iso means brightness
Shutter speed means the speed of your shutter (Inside your camera)
Aperture means the lights that enter through your lens

-The bigger the iso is, the brighter picture would be
-If you took a picture of street,people,alien,and etc the shutter speed should be low according to your iso and aperture settings. If you took a picture in night,a person running or fast action your shutter speed should be high so that the picture you took would not be blurry af
-When you're taking a picture morning, evening or else weather the aperture must be in medium high or low according to you iso and shutter speed settings, if you're taking picture at dark condition (night) your aperture should be on the lowest point according to your lens

Note : it was hard to understand fellas

Grey Fox23 says:

Leave that shit on auto
download a editing app
and if you don’t like the image
fuck around and edit it

Richard Yin Productions says:

High shutter speed, small aperture, low ISO. Maybe 1/320, f2.4, 100. For most action sports someone will use a high shutter speed for sharper images. They will also use a lower aperture allowing more light into the lens even with a high shutter speed. Iso 100 because it is bright outside and there is no reason to make it higher.

my heart is..oh my god says:

What are the best iso, aperture, and shutter speed for like on the go images? Or is it better to leave it on auto?

Juan H says:

Great video! Thank you for taking the time to explain in a way that I can understand.

The Golden Orb says:

Low sauter speed and low appeture

Sara Prelesnik says:

Very clear explanation. Ty

lmao says:

3:12 are you sure those are trees i-

Theskits says:

Low apature fast shutter speed

sam sami says:

this video explains everything so well

donald crawford says:

lot of bratta & dakkas.

Stevie says:

Thank you so much was the speed 30'? This makes it so much easier to understand

Mooty Vong says:

Quick shutter speed

Random Person says:

sorry but i don't understand nothing u talk to fast ;-;

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