Photographing The Night Sky With A Kit Lens and Crop Sensor DSLR

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Move-Shoot-Move Star Tracker:
Nikon D850:
Nikon D810:
D810 L Bracket:
Nikon D750:

Nikon 14-24:
Tamron 15-30 (nikon):
Tamron 15-30 (canon):
Tamron 15-30 (sony):
Sigma 14 1.8 (nikon):
Sigma 35 1.4 (nikon):

VLOG Gear:
Sony RX10:
Litra Light:
hot shoe holder:
Movo Mic:
Rode Mic:
Rode Micro Mic:
Tascam DR-05:
Lavalier Mic:

Mavic 2 Pro :
Mavic 2 Pro Bundle :
Mavic 2 Zoom :
Mavic 2 Zoom Bundle :
Polar Pro Filters:

Main Tripod / Oben:
Tripod Head:
Nodal Slider:
Dolica Tripod (change head):
MacTrem Tripod:

Altura -The Great Adventurer Bag:
Ruggard 75:

Luminar Software:
Get Crypto Currency:
How I keep my face looking fresh:

EDC Gear:
Mini Gaff Tape:
Light My Fire Striker:
EDC – Maxpedition Fatty:
Lumitop Flashlight:
Compas Pin:
Rain Poncho:
Emergency Mylar Blankets:
Zippo Lighter and fluid:
Dude Wipes:
CRKT Compass Bracelet:
CRKT Saw Bracelet:
Emergency Bivvy SOL:


Milky Way Mike says:

Hey everyone, it's been brought to my attention that I said Nikon D7200 throughout this video when in actuality I was using the Nikon D7100 to take these pictures. My bad, once I said the first time it was stuck in my head! Regardless, they are both similar in low light performance with the D7200 having a slight edge over the D7100… so this video still helps illustrate how stacking DX sensors images helps drastically improve the quality of your night image!

royadid123 says:

really nice video ! liked the extra step , u really cleaned the photo and the final image is really pleasing to my eyes. well done job! u earned my sub

Chevy Van Travel says:

BY FAR one of the BEST videos i found on how to shoot with a kit lens for us beginners. THANK YOU. and you did an excellent job explaining the process some utubers skip or forget or whatever.. you didn't do any of that :>)

James Mason says:

Hey Mike, where are you on IG dude.??

Mike 2x2x says:

Jack fuck. Wo Where can I get yourself a milk milkshake dude are you kidding mean

Dimitrios Alexandris says:

I have watched a ton of Milky Way photography tutorials, but I have to say this was the most well explained. Kudos buddy, keep em coming 🙂

Robby Mcelroy says:

Has anyone tried this on a Canon EOS M50

Judah Nuel Pamisa says:

Very nice video bro but I have a question. What is the difference between the five photos?

MuDv4yNe says:

For some reason…. the stacking process never worked and all I got was a chaotic stacked image… what do I do wrong? I tried using the Lightroom lens correction on and off… also turning it on and off in my a7iii. Lens is 16-35gm.

Lakshya J. Gayan says:

D7200 n D7100 aren't crop sensor cameras

Phil Marcelino says:

Thanks for the awesome video. Started to recently to take photography more seriously and I only have a crop camera (Nikon D3300) and stock lens. I tried some milky way photography a few years ago and it came out a good for a first attempt at it. Can't wait to get out there and try out your pointers here. Thank you

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