The green ancient towns, boundless Gobi Desert, grassland dressed in beautiful colors… all these fantastic visions can be seen when you travel in China.
#travelinchina2019 #beijingchina #allaboutchina Hi guys, today I’d love to share some beautiful time-lapse of Beijing China. Beijing is a city that I lived for 12 years, it is the capital of China, a dreamland for [More] Mobile night photography How to use Camera Expert mode in Oppo Realme night light photography realme night photography oppo night photography how to use expert mode in Oppo Relame Realme 1 night photography realme [More]
I’ve always wanted to take some night pictures of the Chet Holifield Federal Building in Laguna Niguel; partly because its a werid ass shape like a pyramid. Security was actually pretty cool and did not [More]
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One of my favourite styles of photography is seascapes. With 85% of the Australian population living within 50km of the coast, most of us have grown up with an appreciation of the coast and hanging [More]
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How to travel full time This is the number one question I’m asked! So, I thought I’d FINALLY address how to travel the world full time!! 1. There are A MILLION ways to do this. [More]
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We had the opportunity to test out the Canon EOS R while in the smokey mountains. Seeing how the camera would perform as a travel photography camera in a minimal camera setup. Link to purchasing [More]
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Little India is a district in Singapore located to the east of the Singapore River. Little India is commonly known as Tekka in the Indian Singaporean community. Little India is known for its traditional Indian [More]
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Jason and Caleb shoot film and paint the town red. Cameras in video: Mamiya 7 Pentax 67 Video recorded on Sony a7rii, and my phone that’s why it looks like sh*t all of a sudden. [More]