In this video we look at tips to improve your night time photography, how you can take better photos at night time using a constant light to add some extra light into your portraits! This [More]
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There are fear-based questions I get asked about being a woman traveling India.Here’s top 5 India Travel Tips for Surviving Indian Culture (and surviving your travel questions about it) .:) Part 2 of Travel [More]
In this video we look at 12 tips you can use to instantly improve your photography. We look at lighting and composition techniques for beginners to improve their portraits and photography in general ⚠️ LIMITED [More]
How to Travel Responsibly – Tips for Responsible Travel ►Subscribe: and click the bell to the right for new video notifications each week Dave and Deb of The Planet D share tips for responsible [More]
An overview of our travel in 2017. We quickly know where we were. Czech republic Poland Austria Music: Yosh Woodward
We tried to come up with some creative portraits together using what we had with us and around us in the woods, Here’s what we came up with! You can check out more photos like [More]
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Travel in Singapore | How to travel in Singapore
Today I met up with Jade Seah and we tried a bunch of cheap and delicious hawker food dishes that are available at Maxwell Food Centre! Follow Jade: More videos with Jade: Eating a [More]
Come with me to explore one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Singapore, Tiong Bahru! Let me show you some of my favourite cafes and shops in one of my favourite neighbourhoods! 》Singapore Ebook 📖: [More]
You will discover #Top10 places to visit in the most #fascinating city, #SINGAPORE. As a bonus, I will share at the end of the video, 5 things you NEED to TASTE in Singapore. These are [More]
Kevin Hui and Andrew Maynard chatting about what are the best contemporary architecture to see in China. All footage by Kevin Hui during Archimarathon China 2019. More info: Chinese architects included: Vector [More]
Facebook : ช่องสารคดีความรู้ Link FB : #สารคดี #ฅอคนขั้นเทพ #ทึ่งทั่วโลก #เสน่ห์สัตว์โลก #กระจกโลก #รายการบันเทิง #WorldAnimals СОФИЯ – ДЪРБАН – САНТА ЛУСИЯ – НАЦ. ПАРК ШЛУШЛУЕ ИМФОЛОЗИ – ПОРТ ЕЛИЗАБЕТ – КЕЙПТАУН – ВОДОПАДА ВИКТОРИЯ – НАЦ. ПАРК ЧОБЕ (сафари) – ЙОХАНЕСБУРГ – СОФИЯ ✈ ☀ ДАТА: 02-12-2020 ✔ самолетни [More]
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