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Please watch: “Is Your Camera Garbage?” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Welcome to The Photo/Video Show! Unlike daylight when taking photos can be relatively easy, the dark brings with it some unique challenges! Learn some history and tips [More]
Travel Vlog. We went to Singapore for 9 days and here are all the activities we did there. This is our first time to travel together so we tried all the good and delicious delicacies [More]
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这次是首次到新加坡的USS游玩哦! 里面的游乐设施实在太好玩了 Chloe Choy instargram:chloe_c1314 FB/
Travel in Singapore : Happy Birthday Singapore 2016 : Wikipedia – The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year on August 9, in commemoration of the Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in the year 1965. [More]
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Wondering what we got up to in China? Wonder no more! Meet our step by step (by step by step ;)) guide to China… the sights to see, the walls to climb and the plates [More] In this episode Mark Wallace shows you how to create longer exposures for better night photos. You’ll see how you can use a neutral density filter, tripod, and a cable release to control your [More]
As many people know, our National Parks are seeing ever increasing numbers of visitors which means traffic jams, long waits, and huge crowds at the better known photo spots. The good news is that almost [More]
This tutorial will show you some Low Light & Night Photography tips, this only will scratch the surface but should give you some helpful tips. Photography Website – Follow me on Facebook - Google+ [More]
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This slideshow gives you a quick overview of China’s must see travel destination, a province called Yunnan. It lies in China’s south-west corner and borders Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Vietnam.
Weihnachten in Deutschland, Stuttgart. Германия Штутгарт Рождественская ярмарка. GPS 48.77720 9.17897