LIST OF THE BEST DUFFEL BAGS: LIST OF THE BEST TRAVEL BACKPACKS: 0:00 Chase’s Watch: Chase’s Jacket: 3:17 PAKT BACKPACK NOTIFICATION LIST: (so pumped to be designing a bag with [More]
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Golly wolly gosh. In today’s vlog we’ll be taking it to the skies doing some night photography in a helicopter over New York City. So lucky. Shoutout to WestCoast Helicopters for the opportunity 🙂 If [More]
By now I’ve taken SO many overnight trains in China, they are like my second home. It’s definitely one of the most cost effective ways to travel within China, and for me, it’s a very [More]
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Breakdown of all my costs traveling these past 8 months. Hope this helps future travelers budget for their next adventure! Sorry for the background noise, there’s lots of construction where I live right now. ✽ [More]
This video is part of our complete review, which you can find on our website, here: You can also leave comments on our website at that address. We’ve always liked the quality and design [More]
Cambodia travel, from Ko Chang Thailand to Siem Reap The first part: 0:00 Thailand Koh Chang, travel agency, buying tickets to Cambodia 3:24 Koh Chang Kai Bae beach, Chang Park resort and hotel, the bus [More]
Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy today’s video – while travelling/visiting Gdansk, Poland I wanted to see which lens was better suited for travel photography. The 35mm or 50mm. Please let me know your [More]
I’m Thai People with new friends from Thailand almost 40 peoples and have been Utah for work and travel programme.I was a Ride Operator there.It’s really new challenges in my life.
“To walk in nature is witness a thousand miracles” Mountain climbing hiking natural scenery’s photography natural bath everything here journey with leos 2k19*WANGEDIGALA mountain.
Sharing you this video during my travel in Singapore – my first country to travel in Asia. This video cannot give justice how beautiful this country but I hope you will enjoy watching this video. [More]