Outdoor Portrait Photography for Beginners

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Learn to shoot beautiful portraits in nature with this beginner photography tutorial!

Urban Portraiture for Beginners: https://youtu.be/yVNhZQfgaDE

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Josh Katz says:

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments!

Liz Scurlock says:

This is extremely helpful! Thank you very much for taking the time to create this video!

arcticape says:

Can't you use exposure compensation instead of increasing shutter speed to correct the overexposure if there is strong sunlight?

bfaught17 says:

I wish there were more vids like this out there where they share what the manual mode numbers were for the pics. Everyone always says "yeah do this and this" but they're never specific, so thanks for that.

사라* says:

I don’t shoot raw. Is that bad for a photographer? I find it such a hassle especially since I do photography as a side freelance job

J D says:

Like a soup kitchen it had an itchin

Mai Le says:

I’m about to do my first outdoor portraiture tomorrow and this video really answered most of the questions I had. Thank you for taking the time to make it!

Adam Bernet says:

That was really wholesome! Thanks!

Ofir Cohen says:

thank you so much man your tips are awesome!!
do you have any guide lines for how to try to adjust the most accurate settings every shot? (i mean of course considering light and everything, but more like general pattern) or you just try and change them all the time?
another question is did you photoshopped the pics that you show for example in your video?

Clicky McClickerson says:

Outdoor portraits are da best

maricar compuesto says:

I wish you can share your presets brother im from philippines

Philipp Flipper says:

first – always shoot raw
second – let your ugly friends always turn their back on you when shooting

Marlon Orellana says:

That first photo what focal length was it at?

Cameron Kaseman says:

Straightforward and good visuals to follow what you are saying. You got my Sub!

Prince Wilmar Palero says:

Nice content bruh.

VR says:

That door knob on the left is very distracting!!!

Fraser Simpson says:

thanks man really helped!

Aiswarya Babu says:

I’ll give better inspiration follow Jonny edlind

Juliet says:

I want to learn about photography. I'm always on roadtrips and don't feel like carying a DSRL around. Any suggestions as for what mirrorless camera I can buy?

photographim says:

tRUST the Machines! @15:59

ZuRriX says:

Man, Josh, I remember you ever since you were Enminem. I kinda breaks my geart to see you've stopped making skating videos. But at the same time I live it that you are growing, bro. I was searching for portrait tutorials, since I wanna get into photography and well, shoot my own portraits. Great video, I will definitely be coming back to your channel more often to see what you are up to. Cheers. (:

AJ South says:

:)) awesome

Aizaz H Qazi says:

Thanks ,helpful bro

Matt Stratton says:

Thanks Josh I’ll definitely check out more of your videos

MC Ganancial says:

This is very helpful. Thank you!

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