Our first VAN LIFE experience! A HUGE road trip to Europe!

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Our first van life experience in Custard! We finally got on the road and had a taste of the life we had always been dreaming of in our very first van conversion. We headed to France via the Eurotunnel le Shuttle and saw some pretty amazing places. Welcome to our brand new series!

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Bus stats:
2001 Mercedes Vario 814
4.2 Litre Deisel
Was 24 seats (now 2)
Air Suspension
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Ian houghton says:

Good to see you repping van life for the UK

Jits Into The Sunset says:

Another super entertaining video! I love getting to know you guys, you two are so fun & authentic. I love it! xx Tania

Flight of the Fox - Aussie Travel Couple says:

What a hectic way to travel Europe, this is a bloody ripper of a vlog you guy.
Don't think there is a better way to explore Europe!
Heck yeah, can't wait to see the rest! Got some bingeing to do!

weebolddavy says:

Great stuff, very inspirational and entertaining. Your channel should be called 'wingin-it'! We've got a motorhome but wouldn't dream of throwing ourselves into what you've done. Saying that I'm the wrong side of 60!! Looking forward to watching the rest of your road trip. Safe journey and continue to have fun.

Angry Camper says:

Awesome! I'm also in Europe on a road trip at the moment. Going from Finland to Spain. Greetings from Warsaw, Poland!

Harley Robertson says:

You know that when building the euro tunnel they missed each other by a few miles

Grahams Off Grid Gold says:

You know you push the white button on the toilet when you empty it to let air in guys so the toilet isn't a vacuum and splashes all over the place .

John Preciado says:

what language are you speaking limey or English.

shahab zehtabchi says:

When are you guys going to arrive to the Netherlands?

I Balint says:

Loved it !!! Cheers!!! I drink to this video !

Kirsten Van den Heuvel says:

Hi! I'm Kirsten. I live in Belgium, so I appologize for my english. I'm exited to see your video when you visit Belgium! X

Jamie and Lottie says:

Custard looks awesome

Maria Miskimmon says:

great video

Maria José Ríos Palacio says:

omg… guys, this video is just so beautiful. ♥

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