NYC Local Travel Tips: 101 Things to Know Before Visiting

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NYC Local Travel Tips: 101 Things to Know Before Visiting New York! This video took so long and a full reshoot so please like it, comment your favorite tip and share with friends who are traveling to NYC! This covers 7 categories from Broadway, weather, where to stay, when to go, transportation, geography to what to eat! Blog coming soon!

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Shaun Yip says:

'Tip #77 Food and drinks come in large portions' That's one of the things that sticks out in my memory. I could not believe the large servings put in front of me! As a small to average size eater, I rarely finished meals in NYC. Most times I could only manage a third or half the plate before quitting. You'll surely never hungry in NYC.

Grant Liddiard says:

Great video Jennifer. Cheers from Down Under.

Hadley Summers says:

Your favorite show is Wicked I love Wicked but I got the chance to see Hamilton and I loved it

swrenn says:

Wow! I never knew that about Howston Street! But the overpriced thing, I've seen stuff costing more here in the Poconos than in NYC (besides Times Square). And the nastiness? Most of the people in NY are nicer than the New Yorkers who moved here! But yeah, I always try to find cheaper spots than the norm. Anything about the Metro Card replacement? I thought that was beginning roll out in May.

Matthew Perkins says:

Can you do a collab with Here Be Barr. He is another NYC Tips and Tricks youtuber.

New York City Daily says:

This is awesome. You always post insightful info that we New Yorker residents don't even know. I never paid attention to my travel time between streets and avenues. I will start paying attention:) One more tip – there are so many beautiful churches and synagogues in this city that are worth checking out! Also, I post short videos about the different parts of NYC on my channel three times a week. I will be posting my latest video tomorrow at 7:30pm, make sure to subscribe!

luisserrano863 says:

Wow I didn’t think there would actually be 101 things listed….awesome video with great tips! Thanks for sharing

TheIronjose says:

you can also dial 00000 as a zipcode when buying metro cards in the subway… just saying

MichaelWorldOne says:

Great tips, definitely bookmarking this video.

Liked and shared!

jackson7177 says:

Nice video!!! what camera do you use?

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