Nostalgic Night Street Photography (behind the scenes)

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roman222k says:

Would appreciate photos without edit for a second and then with the edit. Thanks.

rocket raccoon says:

What is recomended zoom lens in low budget that properly good for street/urban photography like your, specially for night….?

What your lens is..?

They Caged Non says:

Shooting Leica, needs more bicycle. Kidding, great video man.

Ken Toney says:

Believe I spited Jackson St Bridge!!

Chad Berens says:

Great video, love seeing the realism of photography. Also your slang makes me want to use slang too, dawg.

El Hombre says:

I knew you were after Pantones Hennesy edition before you said that! That collabo was sick.

legoman5010 says:

I love that you show us the "not as good images". Great video evan!

how to sell video stock footages says:

i feel really pleased LIKE
btw I’m subbing to creators who likes this comment

Manuel Barca says:

man, you make me move out of my house and take photos, you're the best. please make sure to sell the photobook in latam, i want one, peace from uruguay!

Daniel Whang says:

Can’t believe i just found this channel and also can’t believe you’re in the same city! Kudos!

mark baily says:

Timing was on your side for sure. 8.21 on the time line that truck rolls up. 5 mins earlier and the shot wouldn't of happened.. Great work Evan keep up the great work

Madhuvan Yadav says:

That black and White photo was my favourite .

LedFingers says:

Scooter pollution.

Stephen Averett says:

How do you deal with all the aggressive bums/ panhandlers/ crackheads when you're shooting street in ATL?

Hailey Grace says:

wow this video was so awesome! Subscribed!

jeremias marengo says:

One advice, is better to not look at your images until you have finished at all. It helps you to not lose any potential photo, and you advance much more

Pablo Fabre says:

That photo of the Vasity was amazing!!

quesi quesiquesi says:

i would cut the whole left side of that red truck picture 🙂 so you have it in portrait format

Gabriel Bueno says:

best video tutorial about photography so far!

Mick Focus Photography says:

Another BANGER!!

I couldn't get my hands on the Futura x Hennesey bottle here in Australia, but managed to stumbled across it on holiday in Tokyo!

AndyEvans OccasionalRandomness says:

Need to get out and do this! Loved the night shots. Good work Bruv.

Travis Arnold says:

I’m glad you shown us your throw away photos. It keeps us engaged.

J. M. says:

How do you edit that cinematic vintage green vibe?

Mike Gindling says:

Thanks, another inspiring video.

Omar Martinez says:

Liked how the red light casted on the runner kinda froze only the shoe…and the rest of his body is blurred…. Really liked this Evan…love night photography a lot myself

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