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Street Photography at night seems a bit scary, but it’s not. In this video, I show you how to do street photography in low light situations. ➡ My camera & gear @
Here are the 3 lenses I used in the video:
35mm: Street Photography Lens:
56mm: My Favorite Portrait lens:
16mm: Fuji’s Wide Angle Lens:

The camera I use for street photography:
Fujifilm X-T3:
I edit ALL my night photos in Capture One.
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+ This GIGANTIC Preset Package
I find all the music for my videos here:
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My preferred camera settings for street photography at night:
Minimum shutter-speed of 125/s.
The aperture between 1.2 – 1.6
Max ISO at 5000.

I hope these tips and tricks for night photography are useful! Everything gets a bit more complicated when doing street photos at night or in low light situations, but I think with this approach and these camera settings, you’ll conquer it!

In this video, I use my Fuji X-T3. In terms of lenses I use a portrait lens, the 56mm 1.2 + my favorite street photography lens, the 35mm 1.4 and FujiFilms wide-angle lens, the 16mm 1.4.

All prime lenses because when you take pictures at night, you want a fast aperture to let more light in to keep your ISO as low as possible.

I think my preferred lens and focal length for street photography at night is the 35mm 1.4 lens.


dq regina says:

Just subscribed! Any presets and what film simulations were you using? Great pictures

froksie says:

Wow. That taxi driver was defenitly reaching for his gun at 9:15

Great photos as always!

Ger Gray says:

Shots were bangin'.
Filmic quality about them all, absoluely superb. Well done…now get back to film..

Steven McCormick says:

Very good, nice easy style, chilled, relaxed, great way with folks on the street. Well put together and most watchable.

Wally WO7 says:

Enjoyed this thanks for sharing

Ales Chomicky says:

can't wait to grab my camera and start shooting!!! Thanks Frederik, appreciated of your work!

Eduardo Mueses says:

OMG!! My heart skipped a beat when I heard the glass on the 50mm… It happened to me, and had to buy it again!! Great pics and video as always Frederik!!

Xavier Serrano says:

This is great! Your job is an inspiration! I'm longing to take my cam and go out to shot at night!


Frederik, I love your pictures and videos. Always fascinating, entertaining and informative. And thanks to YOU, I was able to learn and use the most useful Spanish question of all on my last trip to Barcelona: "¿Puedo tomar tu foto? It was always met with a ¡Si! and a great smile. I guess it's such a nice change for them to be asked in Spanish instead of English, like lazy tourists do, if they even bother asking. Of course, sometimes I don't need to ask if a secret shot is possible. I would be honoured if you could glance at my Instagram, "martinenglishtutor" and I am already following yours. I don't have a camera as good as yours but I love cheap, secondhand Fujifilm bridge cameras and try to squeeze the best out of them. You're a huge inspiration to me. Please never stop! Best wishes, Martin

Ilana Reisner says:

Great video, thank you (as always). When are you choosing to use the tripod?

Raymond Martinez says:

After you edit and develop the photo's do you share them with the people you took photos of or are they just one offs and you never see them again? All of these photos are spectacular and beautiful. Especially the candid ones.

zakedavis says:

your videos are like drugs man. i was really excited to see a new one of your work!
you're going up my friend, keep the good work!

greetings from Argentina!

Stefan Dressmaker says:

Man, I really liked this one. I love how you re-posed the guy at 2:30 to make sure he's in good light. It's probably my favorite of this series, even though the other images are by no means less beautiful. You have a great eye for compositions. I made a "Street Photography at Night" Video too, recently, in Barcelona using the 56mm f1.2. But it turned out completely different than yours. After seeing your work I really feel like interacting a lot more with people when doing street photography. Cheers!

shorty's adventure says:

Wow Great video !!

Wayan Barre says:

Great shots!
Quick question: I’ve got the 35mmF1.4 as well and I struggle so much with low light AF. I mostly shoot with the 23mmF2 because of that but I love the character of the 35 and it allows me to be a bit far from the people (I’m shy). How do you do?
Always trying to AF on light contrasty spots but sometimes there’s like nothing to AF on. When I’m in a hurry to shoot someone I often end up with a blurry photo because the motor went crazy. Do you shoot in Manual?
Please tell me! 😉

rturas says:

Great video, the 56mm impressed me! Any tips for post-processing?

specialized41 says:

Frederik what is so special with Fujifilm X-T3 if you compare with Sony A7III for example?

specialized41 says:

Great Shots!! Thanks for share.

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