Night Photography Tutorial #NoPhotoshop

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I have been asked a lot how i do my night photography so i wanted to give you a brief insight into what i use and some of the methods i use to create my imagery, check it out!

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I am currently in the process of creating a whole load of new video content for you guys if there is anything you would like to see or learn about comment below and i will try and make it happen.

More imagery can be seen on my Instagram @davidwallaceshoots


james hanley says:

Man what camera do u use in these?

adomsharry says:

Great vid man, love your photography. But it would help if you went into more details about settings etc for us amateurs!

Dean Bradshaw says:

Great advise bro
Amazing photographer


Great David!!

Hunter Films says:

Nice use of the Gorilla Pod, I never thought of using it like that. Guess what im doing later!

Callum wright says:

Awesome vid What lens u using for these shots??

The Urbex Person says:

definitely going to invest in a gorilla pod

Evgeny Semenov says:

You good edit, My night photos not taht beutiful)

Bivhab M says:

You should have at least showed us the settings you used…the lens…camera…and all that…

finn says:

Great shots as always David

Jarol2K says:

What's name of that gorilla pod ?

Biggie Cheese says:

What was the shutter speed set at for the thumbnail photo

Luca Engelbracht says:

I look up to you

Aaron Morris says:

Great video man.

Paul Spivey says:

Nice mate, sick as!!

united kindom says:

sick, should talk more about what camera, lens, settings and editing software you use.

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