NIGHT Photography on FILM // MAMIYA RB67

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What’s up guys! here with a video on Night photography shot on film! This is my first experience doing long exposure on film. I’m so excited to share this experience and all the challenges I faced getting it all done. The camera I used for this project was the Mamiya RB67. My film of choice was Kodak Ektar 100 (I’ll be explaining why I used Ektar 100). This was such a different experience doing this all on film as opposed to digital.. with that being said, I love night photography more on film. The experience is more exciting, more enjoyable and way more rewarding.

Hope you guys love this video!
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shotbyShingie says:


Novco Productions says:

Love the video man! You should try the film Cinestill ! !

Sterling says:

just found your channel love the energy!

Nick Pirro says:

Dope style man, stay creative. yeah I really digged the 4:13 underexposed shot, syfy vibe for sure and 6:50!
At some point should try cinestill 800 at night time, great with red with the halation glowing light.
Also having a 35mm giveaway on my latest video if you'd like to enter !

Vanessa Killen says:

I was searching for more photography channels to subscribe to. If you haven't checked out Willem Verbeeck, Matt Day, Nick Carver and King Jvpes you need to check them out!

Melanie Severino says:

Glad you showed the underexposed shots & talked through them! Awesome vid

Kevin M Marcus says:

The money shot is sick dude! I’ve been wanting to take long exposures with my RB as well but I’m so lost! Lol can you show how to do the long exposure trick in your next video?

S D says:

amazing broo!

Tyler Gruber says:

thanks for the shout yo! always here to help. y’all can follow me on IG @ty.gruber to see my own work!

Lebraun Mazengwe says:

1st coment!!! How are you today?

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