Night Photography Adventure at the Port plus a fire in Paramount

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Tonight we adventure to the Port of Los Angeles again, not for training, but to have some fun doing night photography.

Filming Equipment used:

GoPro Session attached to main camera for some limited shots
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for selfie talking video portions


Gopro session

Sametop Gopro hat clip

Galaxy s8 Plus for video

Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Fujifilm XF35mmF2 R WR – Black

Haoge LH-X35 Square Metal Lens Hood for XF35mmF2

Wasabi Power Battery for Fujifilm S (2-Pack)

Lowepro Stealth Shoulder bag

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jerry bushman says:

What software are you using to edit these photos?

zsleepwalker says:

As Doug Hale said, the pictures are clear and sharp. Very nice. I particularly like 8:05 with the smoke, and 8:26 with the lines of lights over the road. Thanks.

smacurface says:

This format of video by introducing more stills during the video length is awesome. The way it should be. Choice of music…..excellent. Intro stills mind blowing.
Awesome.. awesome..awesome.
Thanks for making the effort to post. Most enjoyable.

Waste Scrapper says:

Great work as usual. The images are outstanding, just make sure you stay safe. Cheers

Donald Kline Photography says:

Port of Long Beach, ahh the smell of Salt air and diesel fuel I still like when the fog rolls in over the lights and loading cranes.


Awesome work! Was this channel formerly known as night watch?

Doug Hale says:

Your stills are stunning, crystal clear, sharp, beautiful colors, interesting subjects. I love looking at them, thanks.

Gunga Dinn says:

David, depending on how much weight you’re willing to carry, the Bogen 3051/Manfrotto 058 has a single lever that drops all three legs at once.

I’ve used one for many years for both medium and large format photography.

Priced from $150-350 depending on condition. Add your own head and you’re golden.

It’s probably overkill for the little Fuji, but think about future growth and a GFX-50 or GFX-100 camera in the future.

GettysburgBatle says:

Nice video, harrassment free!!!

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