New York City travel vlog ~part 1~

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This is day 1 of 4 days!! Day 2-3 will be in part 2!! Really hope you guys enjoyed it hehe

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!!!!you guys are totally awesome!!!!

hehe ♡

thank you so so so so much for watching!

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luv u
– olivia messler

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Shayla Schafer says:

I am going to New York this weekend and this made me even more excited to go!

LittleMissHailey says:


Этот невероятный мир says:

Лайк каналу Оливии.
Друзья,всех жду у себя на канале:обзоры фикс прайс,светофор,и другие интересные видео

Rozalia says:

Omg omg omg, thank u so much for this vlog. I need this

Carolina Sirghii says:

your skin look goooood sis

Martina Almada says:

Where do u live??

Martina Almada says:

I'm crying,I was in NY one week ago

Erin Albarez says:

Ahhh I’m in New York right now I would love to see you on the street and take a picture with you❤️❤️

Salah ddine I صلاح الدين says:

It's beautiful video
I do the vlog's like you follow me if you can it's hard work seriously

whatever says:

omg that’s my airport too!

ilya attabi says:

so butful fr u bb hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

K says:

love watching your vlogs❤

Alex Caban says:

Those milkshakes u got (I’m pretty sure their from tap burger) r so freaking good!!

Sara Pasetti says:

Where are you from? Ps. Love you from Italy

nmsoccer21 says:

this is so aesthetically pleasinggggg

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