Natural Light Photography Tips with the Canon 6D Mk II – Working with No Sun on Cloudy days

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Natural Light Photography Tips with the Canon 6D Mk 2

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I recently rented the Canon 6D Mk II to second shoot a wedding with. Before I had to return it I decided to take my friend Audrey out to shoot some video and make some images for YouTube with the camera. Overall I had fun using the camera and feel it is a great camera for someone looking to get into the full frame world of photography within the Canon family.

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– Gear Used –
Canon 6D Mk II –
Canon 16-35mm f2.8 v3 –
Canon 45mm f2.8 TS –
Canon 85mm f1.2 v2 –
Sennheiser MKE 400 –

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steven gonzalez says:

shoot with a 6d mark ii and i love everything about it. i do like your tips for the overcast days but i feel your subject is underexposed in some of those photos. great tips tho for those starting out.

Clash the Universe says:

it broked my heart when you said it's not better than D750

azzamur says:

Nice video and beautiful colors.

evelyn cameron says:

Nice to see a canon video!!1 Even tho i'm coming on all late….!!! LOL

therealbuckeye1987 says:

80d or 6d mark ii?

Aaron Posiano says:

Share the link for the first instrumental in the background

Jonathan Hill says:

is this camera still recommended in 2018 going into 2019?

05 SAM CANON BOY says:

Talk too much

Jimmy Bogan says:

Finally, an honest opinion. Glad I found this video. I will be getting one soon

Twilson says:

The street fighter sound bite was hilarious bro!

Yinus Ayoubami says:

She so active

Michael Smith says:

Dope vid feeling the vibe

Psc says:

Hey what’s the girl’s instragram profile or name?

jacques custer says:

why would you use a 40mm tilt shift lens for portraits?

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