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I’m in Vancouver, BC! A little vlog style video with some Fujifilm and Sony images thrown in. I’ll give my top travel tip when traveling to a new city.

Gear Used:

To film:

To shoot:

First time here? Hi, I’m Omar Gonzalez, a professional portrait and event photographer in the NYC/NJ area. On this channel, we talk cameras, lenses, and techniques to improve our photography.
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My Favorite Fujifilm Gear

*The Best Tiny Fujifilm Camera:
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*The Best Fujifilm Camera:
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*Favorite Fuji Portrait Lens:
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*Favorite all around Prime Fuji Lens: 
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*Favorite tiny Street Photography lens: 
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*My two favorite wide angle lenses of choice:
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*My main fuji camera bag:
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*A bag similar to my ancient camcorder bag.  Works great for one lens:
*My camera strap system:
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*Hand strap from optech:
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*Similar grip to mine:
*Tiny flash that works great on mirrorless cameras:
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Gear I use to Make YouTube Videos

*Lav mic I use in many videos: 

*Small recorder I record sound on: 
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*Large XLR recorder:
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*Microphone for VoiceOvers
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*Tripod Head for Photo & Video:
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*My Vlog and Walkaround Camera:

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*Cheap Shotgun Mic:


Prog4Ever says:

Loved the views through the 10-24. Must checkout Vancouver one day…

Joseph Abad says:

Great video! Thank you for creating! Were you using a tripod for those video shots?

Discover Life Media says:

Two thumbs up from me!

Look at my suit says:

Come to Whistler!

Megan Marie says:

So true! In my opinion, the less people you can get in the background of a photo, the better!

Bharanidharan Giridharan says:

Great video. How do you hold the Xt20 during video ? Handheld or small tripod ?


don't forget the TIM HORTONS coffee and donuts !

Phineas Gage says:

Great great images. I can see why you're switching to Sony. I may do the same. Great tip about shooting early!

Kevin Laycock says:

That is good Ramen. Ate there at that same table. Nice table too.

Kevin Davis says:

Beautiful pictures, thanks, and enjoy your trip.

Baruch Cohen says:

I did exactly that last November when the wife and I visited New Orleans for the first time. I can't really do much serious photography when she is with me, since she is impatient and I am the opposite- I might stand there for five minutes composing and taking one shot. So on a couple of days, I snuck out of the hotel really early, and got an hour or two alone, where I could take my time. It was really cool, Bourbon Street was deserted, only delivery trucks and such. I could really focus, no pun intended.

Gordon Sue says:

Love Gastown in Vancouver !

Iggie1970 says:

Enjoy your vacation, Big O !!

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