My Secret Tips to Pricing Your Photography Like A PRO

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Having trouble pricing your photography? In this video I share my tips and advice on how to come up with your prices, including some package examples.


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ZanyMe says:

This is super helpful thank you !
I live in a big city in Europe with a LOT of competition and other photographers would usually charge around 100$ for 4 outfits, 30 photos… And that's on the more expensive side ! Because the main clientele is bloggers and celebs driving prices down. Do you have tips on diversifying what you shoot/ getting people to find you ? Thanks !

Asif Farid says:

i price a bit extra to offer a accounted for discount to clients xd. Ah i charge this much but 15% off for you :). or 25% off on the first contract and 20% off on future contracts.

The Garlic Smash says:

Thank you Jessica for this info!

I'm wondering if you could do a video talking about what to do if the client isn't happy with the retouches but also doesn't want to pay more to have more retouched? Have you ever had a difficult client that felt underwhelmed with the results of your photos? Thnaks again Jess <3

DaJeanius says:

My packages start at $400

Spike Marble says:

Thanks for your insight. Are these prices including hair and makeup? In southern California, my MUAH artists charge $200… If your rates include MUAH, your 'Ideal' package only makes you $150 for ten edits. That seems low to me. Just curious what you think. Thanks! 🙂

Ray Stevens Jr says:

Your voice sounds so different from your older videos

AFilthyCaitlynMain says:

I recently found your channel and I really love how you stay true to your personality in these videos! You come off as really authentic and I always smile a bit when you make jokes like you're talking to a friend. Keep up the good work!

Carrie Flanagan says:

Daaaaaaaaaaaang. I am charging WAY too little. Holy c.r.u.d.

Glow Gal says:

Can you do a challenge where you and the model switch positions with you being the model and the model being a photographer

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