Moving Again?!? | Arizona Travel Vlog + GLUTE Workout

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HOLA! Welcome back to my channel. This vlog is all about our time in Arizona AND a glute workout with a detailed voice over!! Hope you enjoy!

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Anne Lee says:

I liked this video, a humble family. Shows where your true roots come from <3 love ya tay

Marielle says:

How do you usually find gyms when you’re on vacation? Do you just google them? Do you pay for a day pass or sign up for a week trial or something?

Victoria Roper says:

loved the work out. Im trying to gain muscle mass so looking forward to trying this. Would you recommend it for my needs? Also love your figure at the moment, you look amazing!! Would be interested in a vlog re: how you feel and differences between workouts you used to do and now??

Megan Kathleen says:

Love this vlog! So glad you guys got to rest and have a vacation!
I’m going to Peoria in a couple weeks! I’ve never been and so excited!
Any places you recommend? Also, I wanna go hiking so do you have a spot you love hiking there?
Thanks girl!

Darina Voropai says:

Brian looks like Carl (Desperate Housewives) :))

Hannah Ferguson says:

is bryan single? lmao

Laurie Indelicato says:

Deco cab for the win

Xeniafs says:

You are like sunshine :)Thank you for your positive energy!

Anna Foell says:

What is the song at the end of this video?

Catherine Robertson says:

so happy for your parents!! i love AZ. CANT WAIT FOR THE PODCAST!!!

Jayme Horn says:

You and your mom seem so alike! So cute! Love your vlogs <3333

Caitlin Cardoza says:

Loved this vlog! What’s the restaurant called that you went to on the lake?

kristina hess says:

omggg i CANNOT wait for ur podcast !! YESS

Abby Vanderwiele says:

I loveeee your energy and everyone else’s who you’re around! Love your vlogs and you girly!

Jacob Bernans says:

What's the name of your podcast?

Brandon H says:

Leak your nudes already

mackenzie throup says:

Your so beautiful and genuine!! What’s the song title on your outro??

Amy Hart says:

Fun vaca vlog! What a great way for your parents to tell your little sister about moving to AZ with you all there and having so much fun.

Megan Cannova says:

looks like so much fun!! <3

Michelle Simmons says:

Aww I love watching your videos with your family!!

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