Motivation and Photography Tips

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Hey! Me again 🙂 In today’s Q&A Wednesday we’ll be talking motivation, photography tips, creative inspiration and other things!

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Niklas Gronwald says:

How do you edit your Photos?

Tanner Friar says:

QOTD: if using a 75mm prime (50mm on aps-c), what tips would you offer for street photography? Types of shots, etc. Thanks!

Убернатурал says:

QOTD – а шо это? )

Vex TM says:

How do you not feel embarrassed while trying to get angles in public lmao

דביר אטיאס says:

QOTD: do you pay the models in your videos or just take their photos and send it to them? Btw love your vids

Dinoplay says:

Please add subtitles in Portuguese

khunmoni das says:

…..LiFe…..bro – broooo

Zach Adair says:

3:08 hey look who it is!

Twan Plays says:

QOTD-Where can you get cheap smoke flairs?Pls tell me I wanna do it to with photography

Kretzele says:

Litterally subscribed 5 minutes ago your content is exactly what i was looking for. Im a new photographer and all these tips are great!

brittany wheeler says:

Nice video. Never thought about location searching on Pinterest – great idea

Johnnie Raven says:

Finding locations in pintrist is a great idea!

Jus Drain says:

I got a question “how to be a photographer” I get how to take better pictures and edit pictures but how to be a photographer. How do you talk to the model, how do you know what poses they should do?

Tanner W. says:

A good way to grow and provide value on Instagram is to like and comment on your followers, and strangers photos!

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