More night photography at the Port of Long Beach

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Another night at the Port of Long Beach,


Flood flashlight Thorfire BLF-Q8 –
Throw Flashlight Lumintop Gt Mini

Gopro session

Sametop GoPro clip mount

Fujifilm X-T2

Fujifilm Fujinon XF35mmF2 R WR – Black

Haoge LH-X35 Square Metal Lens Hood for XF35mmF2

Wasabi Power Battery for Fujifilm (2-Pack)

Lowepro Stealth Shoulder bag


QuestionableIdentity says:

That photo at 1:11 though. Nice

anajane803 says:

Your work is gorgeous. I came for the activism and stayed for the art.

Mike Duckwall says:

Beautiful pics and vid. Nice to see a human being in the role of security guard.

Jeremy Smith says:

your art is inspiring!! Amazing amazing photos

DC-8 Tailpost says:

There is no more difficult photography than night photography! Excellent job. Good work…

NtheNow says:

Awesome Photos. Keep up the Night Photography and 1st Amendment Audits!

rebelfrom1944 says:

You are definitely an Artist!

ebsen raptzski says:

spooky places

word up says:

Enjoy your photos! What kind of camera do you use?

Huckelberry Auditor says:

I never get tired of the pictures where the light shines beams down on the water. The mirror effect making a double picture in one is awesome.

Larry Keenan says:

Who was that scary looking person at 2:55. LOL.

jerry bushman says:

Much appreciated

zsleepwalker says:

Very nice. My pick is the curving tracks going under toward the lights, at :15. All the stills are very sharp and clear. Good work.

Fair Shake says:

I love your work

Darren Crabb says:

Cool and crispy Americana…:-)

Doug Hale says:

Breathtaking, fascinating, stunning! I love your stills.

Donald Ramey says:

Love your stills and video. Keep em coming. Thank you.

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