Macro Photography Tips Part 1

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Macro photography is all about the ability to get in very close to your subject so it can fill the frame completely. There are specialist macro lenses which have fixed focal lengths, but you don’t have to have a special lens to shoot close ups. In part 1 we’re out doors in the garden – but there’s loads you can do inside as well which we’ll explore in part 2.

Many telephoto zoom lenses have a macro range or macro setting which enables closer focussing on a subject. Whilst not true macro lenses they do a spiffing job none the less. Because macro photography means you get in close your depth of field will shrink dramatically which looks fantasic – but it can cause problems.

When your DOF gets that small even tiny movements like breathing can knock the area you want sharp out and it looks fuzzy. I recommend a tripod at all times because of this.

Light is very important for macro photography. You’ll often be photographing small softer items and harsh light can be too much for them. A reflector can help – but it’s best to think about what you’re photographing and ask if the light is appropriate.


Barry! giddey says:

Great video Mike-classic!

Captain 1985 says:

How about using a "Plamp" from Wimberley for those breezy shots?

Kyle Aguason says:

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Nikhil karthikeyan says:

Could u plz show some mobile macro photography ideas…

N Patel says:

I have always loved Mike's videos. He explains everything with so much clarity and simplicity. The video reminded me of this blog I read by this photographer on his love for macro photography – . I guess passion for anything shows in what you say and how you say it.

Marika Camilleri says:

Do keep the videos going pls…..explanations and demonstrations are top clear thanks

LovingZombi says:

im in a class right now for photography and your the helpful youtuber that my teacher set us to watch X3

airscrew1 says:

I've got a cracking lens for macro. I'm trying to find some fly agaric mushrooms to photograph. they're supposed to be common but I can't find any.

Conner Morris says:

Hi Mike, I'm a fan of photography so I'm thinking about of taking a picture of blood super moon coming on 27th July which it will be coming in 3 Days and so I'm preparing for it any way just subscribed to you Mike so u can give me advice of more of awesome photography 🙂

From Conner Morris

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botox dont be silly your great bro,,, cavalier indeed

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Excellent vidéo

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