Low Light Photography Tips & Challenge

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Mood, compositions, settings, inspiration… low light conditions make for exceptionally beautiful photography. Join me this 4 a.m. for a soft sweet sunrise. Absolute poetry!

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Congratulations to all of you… you are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful images with me. This week’s featured Instagrammers:

Diane Puff https://www.instagram.com/puffdiane/
Mattias C. https://www.instagram.com/matthconphoto/
William Henry Harris https://www.instagram.com/charlie_the_artist2007/
Erich Anderson https://www.instagram.com/erichanderson/
Rob Parisien (Gypsy) https://www.instagram.com/chasingtheimage/
Church Jan Eigil Marthinsen https://www.instagram.com/janeigil/
David Turning https://www.instagram.com/truxturning/
Walter Stinnet https://www.instagram.com/walterstinnettphotography/
Kathleen Bowman https://www.instagram.com/kathleenbowmanphotography/
Geoff Scott https://www.instagram.com/geoffscott4544/
David C Hagerman https://www.instagram.com/experiencesnw.color/
Paul Campbell https://www.instagram.com/pauls.colorado/
Ingar R. Henden https://www.instagram.com/ingarrhenden/
James Carro Snr https://www.instagram.com/james.carro/
Dapinder Singh Munday https://www.instagram.com/dapinder_munday/
Matus Bosansky https://www.instagram.com/matbos22/
Janet Cook https://www.instagram.com/jscook54/
Jay Hughes https://www.instagram.com/jay.hughes.33/

My Camera Gear:

Lowepro Protactic 450 AW: https://geni.us/s0sJ
Sony a99ii: https://geni.us/hFKTAeF
Sony Zeiss 16-35 f2.8 SSM ZA: https://geni.us/ChypoL
Sony Zeiss 24-70 f2.8 SSM ZA: https://geni.us/OGDxAgP
Sony 70-300 f4.5-5.6 SSM G: https://geni.us/o5apBJ
Minolta 55mm Macro: https://geni.us/waAP
NiSi V5 Pro square filter system: https://geni.us/oJUEfA
NiSi 100x150mm 3 stop GND filter: https://geni.us/Wjuw
NiSi 100×100 7 stop ND filter: https://geni.us/lEHP3A
NiSi Circular UV Filter: https://geni.us/5wLa5s
NiSi Circular Polarizing Filter (included in filter kit)
Lowepro S&F Filter Pouch 100: https://geni.us/PdmsRjy
Manfrotto 190go! tripod: https://geni.us/TROWFqY
Lenspen Hurricane Blower
Lenspen – lens cleaner with dust removal brush
Rain Covers (these things are awesome) – https://geni.us/N85cr
Outdoor Hat for bright sun – https://geni.us/outdoorhat

My Video Gear:

Canon M50 – vlogging camera: https://geni.us/m94fw
EFM 18-150mm f3.5-6.3 IS STM – lens
Zhiyun Crane v2 – gimbal: https://geni.us/Nabn5Dh
Pergear gimbal tripod: https://geni.us/0oVr
Rode VideoMicro with wind muff: https://geni.us/X0Lg

Camera and Video gear links are Amazon Affiliate links. If you make a purchase using any link, I receive a small percentage.

Location: Confederation Park, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Missing What’s You by Elijah N feat. Frigga
Desolate Blur by Jobii

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Alistair Thom says:

Nice use of the driftwood on the beach as both a leading line and to frame the sunrise. Keep it up Rachel, I look forward to every video.

Lyn Duncan says:

What a beautiful location and lovely shots – as always!

Gary Holman says:

Lovely shots Rachel. That log was a real find , with sunrise as well.
4.00am is a challenge, but I need to do more earlies ; just wish I was closer to the coast to take full advantage of this.

Jan Eigil Marthinsen says:

A person that has thought me a lot once told me. If you want to do a good job you need three elements. Inspiration, Motivation and lastly Action. You are a great inspiration for a lot of growing photograhers around the world. Your work is an inspiration and your presentation is so well precented through your videos. The motivation has been you small challenges and by the response by all the tallented people has been so huge. The Action from your followers is massive and I'm pretty sure that this also has lead to people taking better pictures. I know I'm working hard to up my game.
Thanks for a great video with so beautiful pictures. And I hope you will challenge is more in the future. What about letting us challenge you? I think that would be fun. If I were to choose the next theme it would be Abstract photo.
Thanks for showing one of my pictures again. I'm humble to admit that it makes me proud.

Paul M says:

Excellent post, vid, pics and tips, Rachel. Love the driftwood images where the sun is reflected in the water on the sand. Nice silhouettes — did you capture any still silhouettes of the flying birds in vid? Ironic how bad weather can bring out some of the best photo conditions. (Didn’t see that beaver, from past vid, this time.) Unless I missed it in the past, how about doing a how to vid about combining images?

Dave Ryan says:

Thanks for the inspirational Rachel. Love the images especially those with the sun reflected under the log

Anthony Hazlewood says:

Hi Rachel, good video….. Errr, what's this 4:00am?- I think sunset's the right time of day for me Lol… Thanks for sharing – xx

bob swezey says:

you have some beautiful images I think you have out dun yourself …

Mark Attardo says:

That driftwood could keep you busy day after day!

Landscape Phoneography says:

Good call on that sunrise, that log was perfection as was the city skyline. You also have some very talented instagram followers.

Ms Jenkins says:

So beautiful. Gosh, you inspire me. I just cannot get enough of your videos.

Jamie Maldonado says:

Great advice! And wonderful photos. As always.

Kevin Pritchard says:

So enjoying youre channel thank you so much for sharing what is obviously your passion and inspiring us to pick up our cameras .

Gone Zapatero says:

This was very nice, loved the shots too, Thank you

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