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Downsizing to a Tiny House on Wheels to Travel the World 🌎// van life vlog
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Eamon & I have spent the last two years living, working and traveling in our 60 square foot camper van. Over the last month and a half we’ve give our home on wheels the makeover she truly deserves by upgrading our battery bank, fridge and even installing a toilet! With our tiny house renovations complete it’s time to move all of our belongings back into the van and gear up for our next big adventure.

Today our journey to van life in Europe begins with a 17 hour road trip from Toronto, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our van will be boarding a ship on Monday to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to meet us in England!!

This van life vlog takes you along for the ride of packing our van and our 3 days of driving east across Canada.

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Thanks for sharing a REAL WEEK of VAN LIFE with us!

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Today’s van life vlog takes place in Baja California Sur where we wake in our self converted Sprinter Van in Los Barriles and take you along for a day in the life! Having been here for the last 6 days, we’ve established a little bit of a van life routine: where we fill up our water, where we go grocery shopping and how we find free beachfront camping!!

We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we’ve decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything… it’s to expect the unexpected!!

The Traveling Van Life in Mexico; hot, sticky, but oh so much fun!

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Who are we?

We’re Eamon and Bec, a Toronto-based couple who live full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! SUBSCRIBE for wanderlust travel, behind the scenes of what it’s really like to live in a van, and videos all about the yummy vegan food we make + eat! VAN LIFE COUPLE.

We post new videos every Sunday 🙂

Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small… tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.

#vanlife #tinyhouse #eamonandbec

We are SO excited to bring all of you along for the adventure of shipping our self converted sprinter van from Halifax, Canada to Liverpool, UK. So much adventure awaits us for VAN LIFE IN EUROPE!

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Eamon & Bec says:

Good morning everyone! Thank you for joining us on the first leg of our journey to van life in Europe! We can hardly believe that our van sets sail TOMORROW (ahh!). Thinking about trying to host a meet up once we all arrive in England. Would you be interested!?!? If so, where would be ideal?!

Preston Hurley says:

Love the channel you guys! Y’all are super a super entertaining couple! Much love. Keep it up

Robert Knewitz says:

Great video. Love you guys.

Color Carnage says:

Man if I knew you guys were going trough Quebec City I'd have offered a place to shower!

Chris says:

Hope you guys have a wonderful time over here in the UK.Be prepared though,our petrol (Gas) is around 10 of your Canadian $ per Gallon

Stephen Hughes says:

Hairy soap…… no way Eamon lol

Ban Brady says:

I Know you Guys only upload once a week but honestly there is going to be too much for you guys to document in Europe to distil into one vid a week. I know you guys work really hard to keep the quality of your vids strong and it shows! But you guys are going to have some seriously entertaining outtakes over the next few months. Find a way to push out 2 vids a week and the world will thank you. Big Love xx

Michelle says:

Why all the workout footage? Let's cut that and just see van stuff!!!

Deandra Brookes says:

Safe Travels!

Tracy Cook says:

Oh my goodness you’re coming here. What fun. Would love to meet you

scott wilson says:

if you drove for 3 and a half you would get from the bottom to the top in ireland

Jim S says:

I don't use soap. I use baking soda.

Pearcey111 says:

You 2 are a great couple you bounce well off each other in videos, I'm only new to the channel and I love your content you have got me pumped for your trip as well and thats when you know your making good content when your viewers can't wait to see whats next, cheers from Australia if you ever come here I show you around no worries

HayleyTief says:

SO excited for your trip! My husband and I will be on our honeymoon in the UK (Scotland and England) in mid-August. It would be crazy if we ran into you there!

Emily Carlsen says:

I love how y'all say 'buddy' to each other it's so sweet and endearing and like equal at the same time <3

Sabrina Collins says:

Hello guys, question do you guys write reviews of places you camp on iOverlander…. My hubby and I have been planning for van life and would love to chat with you guys whenever you have time …
Thank you

Deniese Henson says:

Peeing near the picnic table is disgusting. Kids play area. Hey! Ya never know.

Katrina L says:

Oh you're gonna need a European driver's/car kit! It's a legal requirement for Europe. It will have fluoro hazard signs and other gear. I'm excited to see all your next adventures in Europe! I only started watching 2 days ago. You're the best couple. ❤️

jenniewilliamsmural says:

Wowskie! Firstly – I'm actually excited about your trip to Europe. Secondly- coming from a smart old RN educator – yes you should avoid using someone else's bar of soap. And – never use antibiotic soap unless your doctor orders it for you for a specific condition. Love Jennie

Paula Williams says:

Please don’t miss out Scotland when you’re in the UK, it is genuinely the most beautiful country and often overlooked. There’s a roadtrip called the North Coast 500 that takes you up to the white sand beaches in the highlands and it’s breathtaking! Wild camping is legal in Scotland too with the exception of some national parks!

Tanja says:

Hi Eamon and Bec! I would love to do a meetup in the Netherlands! My boyfriend and I did a road trip last month in our Caddy MK1 and we would love to hang out for a little longer and travel along with you for around 2 weeks if you'd like that? Show you around the Netherlands and maybe continue south? We also live in a 45 square meter house we build ourselfs, if you're interested we can show it to you. And are currently renovating a living wagon on a campsite in the east of the Netherlands. We would love it if you'd like to stay with us there on our big familly field 😀

TheKaees says:

Loved the video guys, it is great seing you on the ground ! BTW Eamon saying "Bisous" sounds like "Pisseuse" which means something like "little wee wee girl", and then you see him pee… Timing people, timing !

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