Lighting Tips: How to Capture that ‘National Geographic Style’

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In this video, National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes gives us his lighting tips and the secrets for controlling light in your photographs. You’ll learn about the 3 types of light and how to control each.

Bob explains how to capture the shot using natural light without lots of equipment. He shares his decades of experience, knowledge and travels with you in this video.

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A big thanks to our friend Bob for his great photography advice. Visit him:

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R O says:

yes…but what CAMERA are you using???

Celebrating Life says:

Subscribed! Thanks for the video.

Youraspiringservant _ says:

"equipment gets in the way"

Eliya Berg says:

how ? just take your camera go out and take pictures

Radio Jonophone says:

Great advice throughout, although the very last point needs a little clarification. Expose for the highlights is a mantra for reversal technology, such as digital cameras and slides. Expose for the shadows is the way to go when shooting negatives. Until recently, nearly all photography was on negatives; we must not lose the art involved there.

ogilvy85 says:

Thank you sir, for sharing your views. Good points to ponder on

Stephen Press says:

I couldn't watch, the interview lighting is so bad it annoyed me till I just had stop.

Azam says:

Low audio volume.

Aaron Ramos says:

3:12 ok man ?

Julien Taming says:

I knew all the tips already and I learnt by myself. Proud ! 😉

Austine Stark says:

I listened very well and it didn’t feel like 10 minutes, this is just how a video can be even better with people who are great speakers.

Romário Roges says:

Master of the photography

Barrrrrt says:

Holy shit this was amazing. Thanks so much!!!

Marco Schaa says:

Thank you very much for these cool tips!

Scotty Zepplin says:

In an age where youtuber talk about owning the latest and greatest camera and lens, we seem to forget that it is not the equipment but merely how that equipment records the light around it. The light has always been there to illuminate things and the shadows to shape them. This is pure gold.

Anne-Marie Laurent says:

Great video content and tips. Very refreshing hear a photography talking about breaking things down to the minimum, but yet still creating, capturing amazing shots.

Manila Martin says:

Wow. What a great interview. More please from this great photographer.

Ciprian Pascal says:

Very good serie! Thank you very much for this precious knowledge!

Terry Allen says:

Best part for me, is his advice to spend a lot of time to develop a relationship with the subject, then shoot very little.

Imo, it doesn't matter if the subject is a person or a rock…that advice is gold…if you want the broad character of the subject.

Lynn Johnson says:

loved this talk, great advise on light.

Król Olch says:

Blue hour ? never heard about this . Quite embarrassing on my behalf:-(

Glenn Buschbaum says:

nice video and very helpful

thebuggy73 says:

I learned about the light from you and I will try it. Thanks.

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