Landscape Photography Tips A Beginners Guide Part 2

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Download the Sky and Sun here to follow along this tutorial:

In this second part, I will show how to add the sun and the new sky to make it even more awesome


Noealz Photo says:

Great tips as always 🙂

Clark Barrow says:

Another except video. I really enjoy watching you edit. I learn so much and use what I learn to improve my photos.

Jason Issertell says:

Great to see you made a tutorial on a location I have actually been to and shot! What a year it was for the Poppy fields!

Bogdan Dumitrescu says:

This is a very nice mix of Lightroom and Photoshop !!! Great tutorial for beginners. My only concern is that the final image is a bit too orange / magenta. I know that at sunset the tint is towards that, but here is a bit too much (for my taste). Waiting for some more videos just like this 🙂

Digit world says:

Serge, is it possible to download or buy all your collection of flares and glows (suns)?

Liesl Walsh says:

I bought all of your lenses flares, light rays and bokehs. I really like using them! They totally add the extra magic to my photos. Thanks!

Liesl Walsh says:

I love how the new sky looks!! Beautiful warm photo. Your sky replacement strategy has saved a bunch of my photos, your way is so much easier! Thank you!

George Lupu says:

Ça c’est d’un bon tuto ! Merci Serge! I’m learning a lot from you!

Jenna C says:

I love the way you explain the basics and provide the files you're working on!! I always recommend your videos!

Stevie Bond says:

Very good, but not for beginners

swedesrus25 says:

Love these lightroom tutorials!

jerome c says:

Merci Serge

Rudy2053 says:

Well done Serge….that is a very nice tip. Thanks

Rico's Story says:

You've got some great tutorials sir, very inspiring when it comes to editing. I save more photos now than before, just because I know I can edit them in darktable to something great.

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