Israel Travel Tips: My do's & don'ts and some tips in case of a missile attack

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A video where I talk about some things to consider while being a tourist in Israel, including: what to do in case of a missile attack, tips for tourist, dealing with the obvious military presence, street harassment, etc.

Before leaving for South Korea to go teach English, I decided to visit my grandmother for two weeks to Ashdod, Israel, where she lives. It inspired me to make this video. I hope you enjoy it!

This video is late, here’s my explanation why:

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AuroraBorealisCanada says:

You are going to South Korea ? If you thought Israel was strict, try NORTH Korea……….

djtechinics97 Dj says:

Israel people are loud and skip lines, its like Cuba with a different language lol.

Alfa Mike says:

Hi Dani! I'm visiting there next week and really looking forward to it since it's my first time. Thanks for the pointers, really looking to try the food and site seeing. I might have few more Q's.

William Terrill says:

Men don't have it easier we have it harder because of people like you we haven't harder because of feminism a very left-of-center world we live in a world brand by females who swears ran by men when heads Friend by females so just don't give me that s*** please

William Terrill says:

Sexist my ass

TheRedsun111 says:

Are you Jewish Canadian? Why don't you marry Asian men in Korea?

Pure Living Foods by Gina says:

I plan to go to Israel next year. A bit worried. Thanks great video. Love from Ireland x

oSuch says:

Do people take missle attacks that srsly? I normally just go out to watch iron doom kick dat ass and watch the jellyfish type of explosion shape

Gaius Delmonte says:

Sorry I believe in jesus and father god. I am not trowing rock's

Eitan Arbel says:

what a sweet girl 🙂

101 Life says:

My dear, it happens here in the US too. Some men are cheap and filthy. They have never seen woman in their entire lives! !

joeysimply says:

Very informative thx

xydoit says:

את ישראלית? או שלא?

Clara Kaichelle says:

Thanks for the tip

merto madcap says:

hhh im an israeli and defiantly approve this, for good and bad, lovely video kol hakavod
about the sirens and rockets, 90% of israel is out of range 99% of the time, i live in central south israel, heard sirens twice in my life.

Shrimptank says:

During bomb training they taught us that you want to physically block your ears, even if that's just sticking your fingers in them. Some people have saved their hearing with music buds.

shanky yoshef says:

im from israel and ye this video 100% true :))

tncc 13 # cool says:

Thanks for the information

Mike Barer says:

I went to Israel with my Temple in the last week of October. and for a matter of fact, was in Jerusalem for the weekend and actually for the remainder of the trip.  On Friday, we went to service and a Shabbat dinner.  Saturday, went to the wall during the day and Old Train station. Sunday, we visited Yad Vashem.   So it worked out well  I really enjoyed your video.  After our trip, I've gone crazy on YouTube vids.

the lanarchist says:

Canadian eh, to bad.

Daniel says:

Rehov Metzada Rova Yud Alef
Rehov AltalenaAdHalomGivat YonahKenyon CityKenyon SeaRehov Itzak RabinCafe CafeCafe AromaEgged

Orly Sarf says:

q buen video me encanto el mejor q he visto

גיא כהן says:

As an israeli, the instruction is to stay in for 10 minutes, becuase even after the boom, the debries fall

Lajeanna Stevenson says:

Great video. What is considered appropriate attire for Holy sites? Dresses and head coverings?

David Berkovits says:

I'm from Israel, and I must say that your tips are really good. I live in a city called Ashkelon, which is south of Ashdod.

Kayla Nguyen says:

Great tips to know if I visit Israel. Thanks for sharing. I will probably not run fast enough to avoid missiles lol. Shalom and long live The Chosen People 😀

Mulch Diggums says:

Whatever you do, don't mention the war – John Cleese

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