iPhone Photography Tips & Tricks: Shooting Wallpapers! (2019)

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Welcome to the first episode of Shooting with the iPhone! The brand new series in the channel that will basically consist on taking photos on the iPhone and then editing them on the iPad Pro! For this episode, the theme was wallpapers!

Download the wallpapers here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1INnqYuqQ4xygFXynmhfXV0D4F8fGKKtq?usp=sharing

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amar ayiz says:

do an apple watch video

Diego Rivarola says:

Nice video (and wallpapers) bruh

Abdul Hafiz says:

Enjoyed the vid! Please can you show tricks on how to take photos on other subjects like flowers, buildings, etc

Alex says:

Where you shooting on an 8 mm lens?

Scuulas says:

I love this so much nice vid as always

luisrodriguez 198 says:

Perfect video, so fun to watch

FrootLoop says:

you life in heaven. good for you,

The Person says:

I downloaded all the wallpapers on my iPhone 8 and they are excellent… magnificent job…

Ivan Stoner says:

Great video

Gregory Allan says:

This is your best video in a while. Well done! Thanks for the new wallpaper for my iPad Pro

Freddi says:

Dude I miss spain! I'm in germany right now for two more years…

Hans Kaarstein says:

Hey Nikias, what's the name of the song you used in your video? I really like it, plus great video I love these type of videos!!

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