INTERFLIX Flixbus Bus Pass Review 2019 – How to travel in Europe low cost [Tips and advice]

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In this video, I tell you about my trip around Europe by bus with the Flixbus Interflix pass.

In a month and a half on the road, I visited Paris, Munich, Prague, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Trieste, Venice, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, and many other European cities. This allowed me to visit the main European museums on a budget.

How to travel by Interrail but by bus. The Interflix is a service of the Flixbus line that allows you to buy 5 tickets for € 99.

In love with the adventure, I also replicated the summer of 2018, choosing new destinations. So let me tell you how to visit Spain and Portugal by bus.

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nwind27 says:

thank you for introducing interflix. by the way you are very pretty.

friteomlette66 says:

Great !! thx for the tips..
about the return journey which a real issue for me since i'm short on time.. can I like hack it by doing another city in the middle of the return journey ?? for example i wanna do
Barcelona – Paris
Paris – Amsterdam
Amsterdam – Brussels (hacking the return journey so it's not the same)
Brussels – Paris
Paris – Barcelona

Bernard Tapie says:

if i start from paris , i can not choose paris for last destination ?

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