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We travel full time based on the money we make from our Amazon FBA business.

Sick and tired of travel bloggers telling you just to make a travel blog?

We’re excited to present to you the 3rd video in our series: How to make money and travel.

We are excited to share the story of how we built our Amazon FBA business (Tripped Travel Gear) to the company it is today. It now supports our lifestyle on the road and we are “more successful” now than we ever were in our 9-5 jobs in Chicago.

If you are a career-driven entrepreneur looking for something ore substantial than woofing, bartending abroad, or teaching English in a foreign country, this series is for you.

TRIPPED TRAVEL GEAR: (Our Amazon FBA business)

Packing Cubes:


Heath and Alyssa RV Entreprenuer: Starting an Amazon FBA with Tim and Fin

The Amazing Seller Podcast: 6-Figure Business STUCK: where to focus next with
Tim and Fin

TRIPPED: First we took a 1 year around the world honeymoon :
TRIPPED RV: Renovated RV. Driving to Alaska RIGHT NOW:

FIN’S UDEMY COURSE: How to Edit Video. 50% OFF:


Can’t thank you enough for being here and checking out our channel! Please drop a line any time either in the comments or at

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Travel Small Live Big says:

Great balance of work & life. Our own time is worth so much more to ourselves than to a tedious 9 to 5.

Playing with Sticks says:

We have always been big fans of the channel. But, this series has really been interesting and fun for us. Thanks for being open with your process and sharing some of the tips and tricks you've learned along the way.

Jackie Duty says:

I have a product I want to start selling but I don’t know how to get the materials cheap enough. Everyone says I need to get the supplies from China..?!#%? How does one go about doing that?

Sarah Nienhuis says:

We are traveling and hiking Kauai this coming week and we bought 3 of your daypacks for our teens and myself! Can't wait to use them!!!

logan martel says:

How u trust the china site?!?

Tha Payne's says:

I bought Your packing cubes before I even discovered your channel. We love you guys!

Explore Travel TV says:

great information as usual! love watching you guys. #goals! I love travel and working hard to do similar to you guys. I have my travel show, have a few side hustles too, still a bit away from bringing in enough to do it the way I like but working on it.

Explore Travel TV says:

great information as usual! love watching you guys. #goals! I love travel and working hard to do similar to you guys. I have my travel show, have a few side hustles too, still a bit away from bringing in enough to do it the way I like but working on it.

laurawgarts says:

So glad for ya'll – kudos for your hard work panning out! Yay!

Living The RV Loca Life says:

love the tire in this video so pro lol thank you love your videos but go back to fun videos lol

Chance Fitzgerald says:

I loved this video, I am so happy your business is working. You guys deserve everything you get, as you are smart honest and funny. Thanks for sharing.

Flippin' Profit says:

Congrats on 42k subs. I just hit 550 the other day.

Cindy Garwood says:

We are proud of you guys!!! Awesome job!!!! Love you!

The Traveling Nana says:

I get this. I so badly want to do this. I'm at a point that I HAVE to do something different.

Victoria Morgan says:

This has by far been the most helpful work and travel youtube series. Thank you so much.

Russell Pottenger says:

I started watching your channel when you were doing the RV travel.
From the beginning I could see the both of you were the real deal.

Now I am entering the second phase of my business life after being a sole proprietor in a business for 30+ years.

I’ve modified my business model to be more mail order orientated To offer me the same freedoms that you two have.

Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story.
I hope to replicate it with the next few years.

azkaland says:

I would love to do something like this, but it's intimidating for me in a different way because I'm used to being the one actually physically making the products. I already have an Etsy store where I make and sell various things, and it would obviously be very difficult to take that on the road since I'm responsible for buying supplies, product design, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, everything (it's not on a large scale or anything, sales are pretty low in the spring and summer). Having to hand that over and give away the handmade aspect, even if it's completely different products, is scary. I'm cool with the ecommerce aspect, but I'll definitely have to think about it!

Angela Warren says:

Thanks for sharing, this whole series is great and I’m packing today for a trip with the tripped packing cubes! I know that you mentioned Scott’s podcast, but are there any other Amazon FBA training type courses or materials that you would recommend? Also, do you have any plans to make some 🙂

Chris 1972 says:

This is such a great inspirational video for anyone that wants to find a way off the hamster wheel of life. My daughter's significant other has been stuck in a very income limited career but fortunately still doing a job that fits his interests. I'll be sure to have them watch this since they both love to travel all over for mountain biking and finding a source of side income from their hobby may be of interest.

Just to keep this comment as brief as possible, I will drop you an email with a suggested product line idea you may find interesting. Keep up the great work and enjoy life.

Marty Kleemeier says:

Great video guys! I am researching Amazon FBA so I can break away from trading time for money. Tim, did you pay for a course from TAS?

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