How we photograph OURSELVES – Travel Photography TIP

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Hawke's Vids says:

Well, isn't that thing just the coolest .

Ajinkya Changule says:

nice one mate, I accidentally came across ur channel but hooked to ur work. really nice videos mate keep up the work.

I Am Manny Hernandez says:

Ok David, what would be the best way to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL?! For real!! I really appreciate all of your videos. I have learn so much from your videos, they are very informative, clean and hilarious!! All in one place!! Love it brother!! Keep the amazing good work you always do!!

Kaloyan Tsilev says:

That's really cool David! Those photos are amazing… I am getting an intervelometer with my next camera (my current one is due for a change).

Andrew and Andrea Schultz says:

Great Channel!! Do you know if any of the iPhone 3rd party camera apps include this intervalometer feature? Wanting to travel with phone and GoPro only to minimize weight and amount of gear.

Toby and James Goldsmith says:

Or, put a GoPro on a flat spot and do a timed photo

Maha Mousa says:

Appreciate your effort … but it is very long video over the simple info that could have been told in like no more than 2 minutes IMO …!!!


Put do you have trouble deleting the pictures you don't need?

Hank Fink says:

There might be a reason why when he posts a new video it's the first thing on my YouTube homepage. Keep it up!

Widya Asoka says:

a great tippppppp

Artem Sidorov says:

Thank you for the video! In Olympus Cameras, this is a built-in feature. I use it constantly.

Kyle Thompson says:

Hey David. You’re super cool 🙂

Caroline Bartusch says:

What about using the Sony app?

Christian Pugh says:

Color me curious, why not an infrared remote?

Lennart Kane says:

I love the voices you make!!!

Richard Burguillos says:

That is a cool tip and addition to the bag / kit.

Omar Ortiz says:

the latest firmware update for the sony a7iii has intervalometer function. do you recommend getting an external one instead of the built in feature of the camera?

MorganLeighBand says:

You’re like really smart

SirJer says:

Question: aren't you worried that someone might steal your camera after you leave it behind to take your selfies? Especially in urban places? Or is there a solution for that?

Scott Christensen says:

Hows about the GoPro remote? Do you indorse that item? Of course more expensive than the intervalometer (spl?)

A’s Lawn and Landscaping says:

Nice video man! I emailed you again on your email! Check it out when you can!

Sarah Donnelly says:

This is a great tip, I would have never thought to pick one of those up. Any thoughts on photographing this way in busy, tourist-y places, i.e., the Eiffel Tower? I travel a lot but for some reason this makes me a littttle paranoid with all of the pick-pocketers in big cities. Also thinking about other people ending up in the shot, but I guess Photoshop can handle that.

Johnny Avechuco says:

Keep up the good work, you can teach a old dog new tricks!

Cody Kruger says:

Wonderful tip!! Thanks so much for sharing. Your channel has helped me grow my photography so far in the last 7 months

Mark Forrest says:

Oooooooo I might need one of these, Cheers David

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