How to travel Mexico: 12 Mexico Travel Tips (Taco Trip, Ep.04)

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We show you how to plan your Mexico trip by giving you some very useful mexico travel tips after traveling the country for more than 3 weeks
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In the 4th episode of the Taco Trip we sat down in Tuxtla to talk about our trip and give you some useful Mexico travel tips in order to plan your own Mexico trip.

Beside general travel information we focus on tips on how to do a road trip in Mexico by talking about car rentals, safety and road conditions. Nevertheless we also give tips regarding budget, food and how to get around alternatively.

Mexico Travel Tips overview:
00:36 – where to travel in Mexico
01:23 – Best time to visit
02:42 – how to get around
04:15 – Car rental in Mexico
05:12 – Driving in Mexico
07:12 – Safety in Mexico
09:37 – Budget & Prices in Mexico
10:34 – Food
12:28 – General Mexico Travel Tips

— About the Taco Trip —
Together with my friends & fellow YouTubers Mike, Brendan & Jodie I travelled 3 weeks through Mexico in order to show you the best of Mexico City & Chiapas in this new series! I’m excited to share all our experiences in Mexico over the course of the next 4 weeks with you. Beside our “local” Mike also Brendan and Jodie are joining for this “Taco Trip” (due to the fact we ate so many delicious tacos during this trip).

Beside beautiful landscape you can expect loads of information and our personal experiences and struggles along the way.

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Sergio Lara says:

Hi, talking about de insurance always is advisible to take the Full insurance directly with the car rental here in Mexico… And the de caution is going to be less amount, so you can have money to spend around.

Capacitación y Consultoría Estratégica says:

No, when you are travelling outside Yucatán you dont "NEED" to speak spanish. Mexico has a lot, a lot of bilingual population, in all cities, let alone touristic places.

Capacitación y Consultoría Estratégica says:

Mexico my friends, is composed of 32 states, only few have desert, nor is a "desertic" country. Most states have jungle or forest. For instance, Puerto Vallarta is jungle and its equivalent if you go to Hawaii. Or if you go to Puebla is forest, with 5,000mts volcanoes. Its a country with 4 time zones, if you draw a line from La Paz-Tijuana-Chiapas-Cancun would be 6,000 kms, same as Lisbon to Moscow. U need to do a little research. Chiapas is great but seems you are missing out many more things, like the Pueblos Mágicos. Otherwise is a good video.

Erika Woods says:

Thank you so much guys for the positive PR for Mexico!
God bless you!
Also, the music and surrounding sounds are much too loud and it is hard to hear your voices.

La Tiendita says:

Good tips guys

Lucy L says:

I am mexican and you guys covered everything!! Love your team and thank you!!

Adrian Gonzalez says:

Bonito video muchachos

Diego Da Costa Leites says:

Great vid! thanks for sharing! whats that place at 0:58 called?

Michael S says:

Going to Mexico City and Chiapas in March can’t wait. Thanks for the info.

Muhammad Bilal says:

these videos need more views

Osito Panda says:

You like Chiapas next time visit la huesteca in San Luis Potosi

luis amador says:

You guys, I lived in florida and that was very scary!!

Greg Snell says:

Chiapas!!! Such a great spot in MEX. Great info in this video Steveo!! and the Broll is on point!!!

alexajani says:

Tascalate: beverage from Chiapas made of corn, cacao, cinnamon, sugar and achiote. Very very refreshing.

Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos says:

Looks like you guys had a wicked trip together. Hahaha…the #tacotrip Sounds delicious but I can't help but wonder did you guys keep the windows rolled down in the car more often than not? 😉

Bob Hyslop says:

Great info gang, muchas gracias.

Princess Jasmine says:

beautiful waterfalls 🙂 subbed

kharoozy says:

Thanks that was great!

Zoldyck Wolff says:

I love your "Taco Trip" series Steve, very cool, great info, beautiful landscapes, and you were only in Mexico City and Chiapas. Great shots.

Arbitrary Exploration says:

So much great information! Those waterfalls were insanely cool!

Mimi’s Vida says:

Tacos got my attention lol!

sophie says:

Haven't watched it yet but looks so pretty in Mexico

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