HOW TO TRAVEL in SINGAPORE at Night? Part 05 – DC Super Heroes Cafe, Sentosa Island – 4K

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From Gardens by the Bay, join us as we walk the night back home.

We will go to the Dragonfly Bridge, to Marina Bay Sands. We will go to DC Super Heroes Cafe at The Shoppes, back to Helix Bridge and Makantsutra Gluttons Bay, going back to our hotel.

We will also go to Sentosa Island!!!!

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This Video is great to Watch in 4K Resolution !!!


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SINGAPORE, officially the Republic of Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia. It lies one degree (137 kilometres or 85 miles) north of the equator, at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, with Indonesia’s Riau Islands to the south and Peninsular Malaysia to the north. Singapore’s territory consists of one main island along with 62 other islets. Since independence, extensive land reclamation has increased its total size by 23% (130 square kilometres or 50 square miles). The nation is known for its transition from a developing to a developed country in a single generation under the leadership of its founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

The city-state is home to 5.6 million residents, 39% of whom are foreign nationals, including permanent residents. There are four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil; most Singaporeans are bilingual and English serves as the nation’s lingua franca, while Malay is the national language. Its cultural diversity is reflected in its extensive ethnic cuisine and major festivals. Pew Research has found that Singapore has the highest religious diversity in any country. Multiracialism has been enshrined in its constitution since independence, and continues to shape national policies in education, housing, politics, among others.

Tourism in Singapore is a major industry and contributor to the Singaporean economy, attracting 18.5 million international tourists in 2018, more than 3 times of Singapore’s total population. It is also environmentally friendly, and maintains natural and heritage conservation programs. Along with this, it also has one of the the world’s lowest crime rates. Transport in Singapore exhaustively covers most, if not all public venues in Singapore, which increases convenience for tourists. This includes the well-known Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. Singapore is the 5th most visited city in the world, and 2nd in the Asia-Pacific.

Among the latest tourists attractions built in Singapore includes the two integrated resorts which houses casinos, namely Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa; Gardens by the Bay and Jewel Changi Airport.

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Celeste Fernandez says:

omg! excited na tuloy ako mag-SG this september!!!

Ronaldo Krus says:

One of my favorite country to travel… sentosa beach is very relaxing… night life in SG is superb

Pinoy Family Club says:

Sir, anong pinang edit mo sa voice over? BTW, ang ganda nga jan kahit at night.

Creative rose says:

Ganda po jan

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