How to Travel in China | Bike, Bus, Subway, Taxi, Bullet Train

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In this video, I will be walking you through how to take public transportation as a foreigner in China. I will be going through all scenarios from renting a bike to riding a bullet train.


1.) 0:41 Mobike (1-2 RMB)
2.) 1:33 Subway (2-8 RMB)
3.) 3:11 Bus (2-8 RMB)
4.) 4:20 DiDi/Taxi (14-40 RMB)
5.) 6:20 Speed Train (40-240 RMB)

Useful Links:
DiDi English Version (Chinese Uber):

Mobike App (Rental Bike):

cTrip (Bullet Train Tickets):

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