How To Travel By Plane With Your Photography Gear

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How to Travel Internationally By Plane with your Gear

With all the new rules and regulation, it can be difficult to travel by plane with your camera gear. Here are some helpful tips to make your traveling easier.

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Paul Trotter says:

Will they stop you at security for having tripods?

Paul Trotter says:

Can you pack a tripod?

Michelle Cox Photography says:

GREAT tip about the none stop flight. I usually look for these but I never thought about the NEED to that… Thanks!

krish arts & photography says:

You carry your batteries charged or without charge ?

Tad Wolujewicz says:

It’s a pity you didn’t address the weight issues, as the limitations on many flights, particularly in Europe, now limit the carry on weight, which can be as low as 10Kg. Another important consideration is weight and the type of case/bag when travelling on smaller planes, particularly on flights to remote destinations. In these instances, the carrier may insist and limit carry on luggage to a single soft sided bag, with a limit of 15Kg. This is often the case when on a safari shoot in Africa, where access is only possible by small planes landing on tiny landing strips. The obvious alternative is to switch to mirrorless formats such as Fujifilm for overseas trips!

Henry Wong says:

If you have a layover in Taipei Airport, do not carry a tripod with you. I had mine confiscated when I went through security again to catch my second flight. They do not allow tripods as carry-on. Stupid law but I lost my tripod.

Xeriox01 says:

what about personal bags? you get a checked, carry-on, and personal bag. I use my backpack as my carry-on. Personal bag is my camera bag(sholder messgenger style), and a suitcase for checked. no issues even to Japan.

CFRTravel says:

FYI- per the FAA – "Spare (uninstalled) lithium ion and lithium metal batteries must be carried in carry-on baggage only" – NEVER in checked baggage. I've heard if they find them in checked baggage, it will be removed and confiscated.

Nick badger says:

i hate your horrible disgusting voice

Cabot Steward says:

You do realize checking your batteries are illegal

C Bonsall-Pearson says:

Do we have to unpack all of it at security?


You seemed to have no weight restrictions … and never mention this!

Franky Junior says:

how can you bring alot of batteries ? because what i know we can just bring limited batteries

Terry C says:

What's your total travel weight? All baggage combined?

Brian DeGroat says:

Did I hear you correctly?  Did you say 'Wooden hanger'?  If so, can you splain???  LOL, thx!

kurtz905 says:

Yeap michelle is gorgeous, lol i didnt really know what she talked about, i just watch but didnt listen

Pete Leong says:

Great info and vid! Cheers from a fellow destination wedding photog!

Christopher Cupp says:

10lbs of batteries?!? 😡

Twostones00 says:

How is film, both exposed and unexposed handled on flights?  Is it hand inspected?  will Xray harm it?

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