How to Travel Alone: Solo Travel Tips

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How to Travel Alone: Solo Travel Tips | She’s finally back from Trinidad, Australia, and most recently Colombia. This is for all my boos who wanna travel and go solo. I share my top tips on how to travel safe and smart. I’m not a pro at this so please share your tips in the comments for all of us!

Comment below and let me know what are some tips that we can all use when traveling solo!

Where I Stayed in Santa Marta and Minca:
Costeno Beach Hostel
Mundo Nuevo

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How to be Confident

Living in Australia

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CrystalbrightstoneVlogs says:

This is very helpful for young people who have never been out of their neck of the woods!

Essence says:

"I didnt tell you sh*t" is my fav part of this video LMAOOOO This video was great though.

Helen Lucka says:

I'm not surprised that doggo followed you at the waterfall when I think about all the good energy that surrounds you! I will be traveling to New York for the first time for the Afro fest this August solo but meeting an internet sister there! I'm excited

Martini'sHappyHour says:

A good tip if you want to travel abroad solo but are scared are traveling groups. I'm in a Facebook group called traveling Divas where (mainly women) give advice on traveling to different places in and outside of the country. This can help you be open to new ppl and places but still be safe

A J says:

What lipstick are you wearing?

Tiara Words from God says:

You look so beautiful and healthy!

QuietStorm26 says:

Dont get got ! Got it lol

Deja Lynnea says:

this is an amazing video, thank you love

Brittany Daniel says:

Great tips… traveled all over the U.S. i want to travel abroad and experience other cultures and places.

Amber Randall Art says:

I’d say try a cruise alone before you go to another country by yourself!

Amber Randall Art says:

I always take myself on dates and travel to different states alone for art shows. Definitely still horrified to go to another country alone though

Lydia Nettey says:

I love this video… I guess it’s my love for travel ❤️

Travel Geek says:

You are so bright ,love watching your videos love from India ♥️

Kai Walkes says:

Tip for no data/wifi: you can download things you need offline! When ever I travel, I download the city's map off Google Maps when I'm home and the language of the country on Google translate 🙂

whataboutmommys says:

These are incredible maya! I read that book a while back when you suggested it. I think starting off with local things and the confidence build up is excellent too.


How long did you stay in Colombia?
This video couldn’t of come at a better time. Im going to Colombia solo. I have solo travelled before but not outside of Europe.

A Thick Girl's Closet says:

solo travel is THE BEST!!!

Nakikke Wallace Johnson says:

Great advice. I'm going to work on this. I'm traveling soon but with a friend.

BeautyIsMe says:

In the states I had no problem going places by myself, but living in Korea has yanked that from me slowly. It's such a collective mentality here and many restaurants don't serve single diners.

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