How to Travel Across Europe by Train as an Older Adult | Man in Seat 61

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If you are curious about traveling in Europe by train, you are going to love my interview with train travel expert, Mark Smith. He runs seat61, one of the most popular train travel blogs in the world.

I recently sat down with Mark to discuss how women over 60 can get the most from train travel in Europe. Enjoy the show!

Would you ever consider traveling across Europe by train? Or are you more of a plan/cruise ship type of person? What senior travel tips would you like to share with the community? Let’s have a chat!


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Vikki Walton says:

I'm 61 and I love traveling by train. I travel solo and don't want to deal with renting a vehicle so trains are a great way to get around whether you want to travel from one area of the city to another (like big cities like Chicago, Paris, London, etc.). Or across the country.

Jerry Burianek says:

Hello!! Margaret manning, l would like meet groups of ladies with te same interest of my,. They must really likes and enjoy to travel by train. I’m 67 years old woman but feeling 40. married but my good husband doesn't like to travel. I need 3 ladies every years to travel to Europe just with a rolling back pack and agreed to pay the rent devided in 4 parts buy your own airline tickets and train. If like to eat healthy I always get the apts. In each country not un luxurious one but clean and comfortable with kitchen
I like do my own meals most of the times after pamper myself few times at the local restaurants

I’m planning to go to Sweden on june 02 2020 but my Journey with the ladies start on june 15 arriving at the airport of Stockholm then we will star traveling by train to Norway and some small town of Sweden, Germany Berlin, Greece Athens at the beach area, Spain visiting cities of Pamplona, Madrid, state on Valencia per 7 Days walk distance from Arena Blanca beach. finished in Portugal Lisbon visiting Sintra rent an apartment in Cascais per 7 days un Paradise on earth back to USA from Lisbon airport

I’m a simple practical not complainer woman about everything I always try to see de positive in anything that can happen during the a trip, wnen I traveling I go with open mind to accepting and embrace others cultura,food ect.I keep my expectation lower that way I will please with what ever God give in mi journey.

I love to meet people take pictures of the old strutura, wild animals, landscape, castles learn their history, dance, musica and s good red wine.

Climbing Mountains, jumping on a parachute is not something I like to do but I can be go as an absorver. I lake to fallow a what I plan but I can be a little blexible for news idias.

he Margret I try to login- in many time keeping telling me that my pass ward is wrong I know in not

nadine8archer says:

I'm not 60 yeat, but great video! I've known Seat61 for a number of years now, and it is just a fabulous source of information.

Andrea Moon says:

Great show!! Inspired to take some trains

Steven Cassidy says:

I am sick off delays and security with flying – its the trains for me from now on. I used seat 61 to get from Shehzen and Guilin in China

Good Evening says:

The Man in Seat 61 is a fantastic website and very helpful

Retire Certain says:

Great video! I keep thinking I'll travel around Europe by train. Thanks Margaret and Mark. I would love to know what software you used for the interview. Great quality.

Artlover says:

A really worthwhile video, thank you….

Nola A says:

Terrific video. I'm in the US and have traveled on our train system (mayhem, unreliable). When I traveled from Germany into the Czech Republic, I was amazed and elated! The journey was a pleasant one, the trains were on time and clean, and the process of purchasing tickets was amazingly simple! I loved the experience and can't wait to travel Europe again. Amtrak in the US could benefit from studying the rail system in Europe.

Viola T says:

I'm glad to see your video about travel. I'm 61 and have always gone on group tours. I enjoy my trips, but have wondered about traveling by train. Thank you.

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