How To Take Your First SOLO TRAVEL Trip!

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In todays video I took a weekend solo travel trip to Victoria, BC! Although it’s only a 35 minute seaplane ride from downtown Seattle, it was super fun to be in a different country for a couple days. When it comes to Solo travel, it’s a great time to see the things you want, adventure, and relax. You don’t have to start with some huge across the world trip either, you can simply go to a couple town over!
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Lynsey Adeline says:

This would have been so helpful 2 weeks ago

shelbitedeschi says:

That hotel is beautiful! Definitely want to travel to Victoria

Paige Mary says:

This is so weird seeing you in vic……..

Kaleigh Scruggs says:

I've traveled alone! I think it's fun, you get to do whatever you want! It can be a bit nerve-racking at some points, but I think those things are good. When I studied abroad in London I went to Edinburgh by myself overnight. I really wanted to go and no one else wanted to, so I just went!

Keon says:

OMG, you looked like Shelby Church!

Emilee Beausoleil says:

I’ve always kinda disliked the look of Apple watches… but this smartwatch I can definitely get on board with. Super cute and stylish!

Zannatun Zinat says:

I want to travel the world . I can't wait for it. And your solo video is such an inspiration aaaaa

Sal Sa says:

MONEY, that’s my problem MONEY

joits says:

Saved you a click: Buy a michael kors smart watch and you'll somehow learn how to do a solo trip as a first time.

Hiwot Ekubay says:

Monica you simply rock

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