How to take better photos of your clients for Instagram | Hair Photography Tips for Hairstylists

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Do you ever get frustrated when trying to take good photos of your clients for Instagram? Is it because your salon doesn’t have good lighting or after you take the photo you realize that you cut her nose off in the photo or it just doesn’t look quite right?!

In this video, I dive into how to compose your photo that is visually pleasing to the human eye, how to use a ring light, and how to position your client so she looks natural and confident.

Taking photos of your clients can sometimes feel awkward, but it doesn’t have to be!

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Seudina Nuhanovic says:


anafresendiz says:

I always have the most trouble with font posing my clients! Thank u for all your great tips!

rachg09890 says:

Literally what I needed! Nothing worse than loving the style and the pics are awful!

lix_fibney says:

The tip about using your hand to direct your client where to look is genius. I used to do it for makeup applications but never thought to use it in photography!

Gretchen Trumper says:

So many great tips!! Thank you for another fantastic video!

eyelightangel says:

When I do hair up at my mums I use her wall paper and a ring light the quality of light at my mums house is terrible and this is the best solution. I used to put a white bed sheet on my door in my flat to create a plain background.
I take a mini ring light and put on my phone so to take that out with me and that works great. I did have a Samsung s9+ but had so many issues with it I ended swapping it with the apple XR it’s a great phone takes good photos it’s just it can’t do portrait on hair I’m hoping they will do it on a update soon. I agree invest in the best camera that’s what I did. your tips for a ring light I do that. Great tips

Esme Maya says:

Thank you for making this video! Can't wait for the next one!

Beccastyles 06_11 says:

Thank you for all your tips! I do need to invest in a ring light. The salon I work in has good natural light towards the front, but it would be better to have one.

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