How to Take Better Drone Photos | Drone Photography Tips

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Take to the skies with Olly Jelley to learn how to take better drone photos. These drone photography tips will help you to think more creatively about your next aerial shoot.

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Hi Hai says:

Amazing video! You should view my aerial videos when you get chance and let me know what you think.


now all i have to do is buy a drone!
thanks for sharing this great content with us 
and i really really enjoyed watching this!

Iain McCallum says:

Whilst I enjoyed the whole video the name is a bit of a misnomer. About half of the video is how to use PS and Lr, rather than how to take better images. I have CC so this was less of an issue for me than those using something else.

Dimitris Tsagdis says:

is there any drone that can adjust circ-PL, soft grad… in flight (for stills)?

Julian Baird Photography says:

Another quality video there with some great tips. My favourite use of the drone is to take aerial panoramics….much cheaper than hiring a helicopter! 🙂

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