How to Shoot Your Gun: Gun Photography Tips

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In this episode of TFBTV, James discusses some beginner tips for photographing your guns for posting on the internet (or hanging over the mantle?). You don’t need a fancy camera with all those megapixels to take great photos, just get some good light, properly direct it to your camera, compose an interesting shot, get your shot in focus, and fire away.

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Dima Dmitriy says:

Good light is the case but it has nothing to do with the "golden hour"! Your Chinese AK looks like shit because of that shitty camera you hold in your hands plus angle plus composition plus background. Camera, that does not capable of capturing wide range of colors. In this case every thing matters – the sun, the angle, the camera as well. If this is not the case then all pro photographers would use their phones instead of pro gear.
Let me tell you this – flash light and some gear is all you need to take a nice picture of your gun!
Here is the list of items:
1) Decent camera capable of taking pictures In "bulb" mode
2) Any color drop cloth 4X4 feet as a backdrop
3) Flash light
4) Your imagination

P.S. Did not mean to be rude even if this is sounded like it.

ETHRON1 says:

One other point that plays an important part is a good editing prodram…To do the slide show at the end of my vids, I've taken 50 plus pictures just to get a handful.

Albert Tran says:

I love the HDR and edit options on my smartphone

Chroma says:

You put your finger on the trigger then pu…

Wait,that's not what you meant?

Point Blank Weapon Reviews says:

What camera do you recommend for a beginner in photography thats under $450?

Matthew Lavergne says:

I am sure you'll learn how to make it if you'll read wood prix HANDBOOKS from cover to cover 🙂

rickd248 says:

You may have covered this, but I don't remember it if you did. I notice some of your weapons and that lower receiver all had the serial number showing and very readable. With the atf out there wanting to declare war on all gun owners, is displaying the serial number really a good idea?

GCJT1949 says:

To clarify the Bastards Book of Photography is a website not a tome:
Who wasted a few minutes on Sigh.

Supernaut242 says:

The Strobist is another great resource for getting into flash photography that doesn't look like shit.

sergeantbigmac says:

Good nitty-gritty rundown of basic photography James! Digital has been both the biggest godsend and detractor in the history of photography. Taking a picture is so easy now average joe doesnt take the effort to get a good shot like in the days of film…
I think a good companion to this would be 'how to shoot your gun: gun video tips'. Where framing/angles become much more important. I recommend the book 'how to shoot video that doesnt suck'.

Sean Wilson says:

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Paul Venn says:

Red text on green background oh mah lawd

Tyler Granville says:

You are talking about exposure and ISO Aperture and Shutter Speed but then say you can use a point and shoot or phone(depending you can still get good images) but you can't get the exposure manipulation without a dslr Manual mode is king especially since you are talking about in depth photography techniques.

Jesse Sisolack says:

Making a light box is very easy…for pistols at least. A bit harder for rifles. Takes up a lot of room too.

bern1228 says:

Great help. Just what I was pondering today.thanks

MrJerry160 says:

thanks James that was an awesome educational video

Ben says:

Should I turn off any auto ISO features on my camera?

Will Isawesome says:

This was a great video, I had had trouble with photographing for a while, but I think this'll help

Gadsden Guy says:

You forgot Pinterest, you big silly. I like to put pictures of my guns with the pictures of my cakes and natural fiber knits.And jeez, what the hell with that first TING? I'm typing this and BOOM, suddenly there's blood running out of my ears and nose. Never saw what hit me.

KRASS TV says:

Do these rules apply to video as well? Is it a bad idea to make video's on a really bright sunny day?

Brian Cowan says:

Love the quote at the end too!

louis hesse says:

For some reason that I just can not come to understand, I do not like any James Reeves' narrated videos.

Player Review says:

Gun Pornography

JohnnyTactical305 says:

The Yankee Marshal made a good point when taking pictures of guns: since a guns are mechanical put them up against a natural background so it contrast better

Cory Carlson says:

man, I seriously learned more about photography in this 5 min video than I learned in my entire "photography" class in school (photography is the only class I ever failed by the way). seriously good shit my friend!

failure2flinch says:

I recommend the use of a tripod, a good sturdy heavy tripod

Midnight Commander says:

I think a better way to understand exposure, is how big the aperture in which the light can pass through is. I mean that is after all what the fspot value is a measure of.

If you want to break down light management into 3 sections they would be

Sensitivity – Your ISO, or how sensitive your sensor is.
Shutter Speed – How long you allow light to enter your sensor.
Fspot or exposure – How big the opening is in which light is allowed to pass.

These are the three factors that you need to balance to get a picture that is not too bright or not too dark.

Keep up the good work guys!

Steve West says:

great topic!

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