How to ride the Beijing subway

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Beijing has one of the largest subway network in the world. Despite this, it is very easy to navigate. As it takes you to most tourists attraction and because the traffic in Beijing is horrendous, this is the best way to get around Beijing.
This video will give an overview on how the subway works. The key to a stress-free trip in Beijing is a good map. There are many maps available online. We like this online subway map as it has a ton of information including the shortest route: They also have an app for smartphone.
If you plan to use the subway regularly, you should get a Yikatong card. This transportation card can be bought at most subway stations. You will pay a 20RMB deposit plus whatever stored value you choose. You can add more value at any time. You need one card per person. You can use the card to pay for the Airport Express and buses. You get a discount on buses when using the card. At the end of your stay in Beijing, you can return the card and get back your deposit and whatever your balance is. Not all subway stations can refund you but it is possible at the airport.

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Irving Sánchez says:

Muchas gracias por esta valiosa información.

Kenny Liu says:

godlike video thank you so much

Simple Living says:

Where can I return IC cards at PEK terminal 3 Leaving Beijing? Thanks

Ryann McNeil says:

this was extremely helpful! thank you!

Jeff Kwas says:

Thank you for posting. Well be in China soon and your video is very detailed. I really appreciate you showing the main attractions and how to get there. Thank you again for taking the time to help other travelers.

Simple Living says:

Excellent every country and city need clear videos like this. The easier and faster, the more tourist and money for the country. China modern transportation infrastructure is already way ahead of USA (where idiots and crooks in USA governments only invest huge budget in wars/military/so-called defense of what, and social subsidy/tax breaks to superich)and most so called developed countries. Keep it up and keep exporting train technology and improvement. Infrastructure investments is crucial to develop country to enrich people.

I think loop subway system is probably the best for big cities like Beijing, Los Angeles, that can hit most tourist and main attraction spots for local and tourists, very modern and efficient, better than cars and buses in most cases.

Fanny Huam says:

Thanks…for you…in the video…..very good ….

Richard Yang says:

Beijing Subway needs to improve its service. Yikatong refund should be able to be processed at all customer service booths. Subway stations need modern amenities upgrade, such as more clean and modern restrooms, English speaking staffs, apps, maps and vending machines.
They really need ELEVATORS for elderly/sick customers or tired tourists with huge luggage from the street level to the platforms. Not all persons have the stamina to go up and down stairs for 50 meters plus.

Simple Living says:

Very informative. We will ride line 1 and others.
How much money should we buy in one card for convenience – 20 rmb, and how much to refill each time? Where are easy counters to get refund? We only plan to stay in Beijing for 5 days or so. We plan to use Subway instead of Taxi.

Can you commend easy and cheap way to go to the Great Wall besides buses?

PatheticTV says:

They could have just filmed this in the HK MTR and it would be the same lol

Laowaishu老歪叔 says:

very nice!

Deborah Zhang says:

amazing vid

Simon Rose says:

Thanks very informative

Nella Laquintana says:

Thank you very much. This video is really helpful!


hello everybody can you help me? what is the best outles in beijing and how can arrive it?? thanks

Katie Blunt says:

This video is very helpful. Thank you!

jia khan says:

Really I m missing Beijing

FreeSudani says:

Just a question .. Can I use the subway to get to the great wall ?

Hanie Wan says:

So very easy to use the system

Philip G says:

we are arriving at Beijing West from Hong Kong on the G80. Which is the best way to travel to our hotel Park Plaza Wangfujing, subway or taxi?

Dayi Wang says:

As a native, my favorite line is line 15

truestory says:

Thank you. I feels less stressful about my trip now 🙂

Jonathan J says:

China is quite impressive and the cities look very modern and well kept. The subway looks clean and easy to use. Safer than Toronto’s subway as they actually have barriers on the platforms so you cant fall (or jump) in front of the train.

jia khan says:

I love to b there one again in my life inshallah

jia khan says:

yar kia yad krwadya what was that days wen I was in Beijing …….. line 8 ….. 13 …….. 9 …….. changing line bus no 52 ….. 670 ……. life science park xichermen. …. dongchiemen ….. xiarchi xtremly missing … may b one I ll b back to Beijing

Thoeun Kong says:

How late do they operate?

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