How to Photograph Butterflies and Insects | Macro Photography Tips

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In this tutorial, official Nikon Ambassador Ross Hoddinott shows you how to photograph butterflies and insects in the summer.

Learn how to take amazing close-up photos with these top macro photography tips.


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Presenter: Ross Hoddinott
Camera: Austin Ferguson

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Origami Calm says:

Thank you so much for this – very helpful. I appreciated the section on ethics too.

Slingshot 64 says:

Thanks very much.

Mark Mc Mullan says:

Your getting tips from a true master here .

Noealz Photo says:

Looks like you've mastered this pretty well

Sam Andrews Chronicles says:

Great tips thanks. I love your photos.

805atnora Fertsera says:

Nice, big plus for the ethics keep it up.

Костянтин Табакаєв says:

Thanks, it was very useful!

KG's Photography says:

Great video and well explained. It is one of the subjects I find really hard and as a result my 100mm macro is very under used. This has inspired me to go out and try harder. Cheers Keith

Emile Montiere says:

Great video as Butterflies are one of my favourite subjects. Your ethical part was so important, I cant imagine doing anything to a creature to enhance my photography. I am going to Sri Lanka soon to photograph wildlife so your tutorials are well timed. Thank you.

Andrew Yeates says:

Great video. Ross's work is incredible

cwetfeet says:

Thank you for covering ethics, I wish more nature photographers did. Many folks new to nature photography need to learn what is acceptable and what is not, actually many experienced photographers could use a few lessons.

Wild Portrait Artist says:

These tips are absolutely invaluable!

Charles Mungai says:

Wow I looove it

Gordon Tickle says:

Thank you some great tips and wonderful shots, I am retired and live in Northern Thailand we have a great verity of insects. I shoot video as opposed to stills and they are a difficult subject to capture but I have some great video footage of butterfly's early morning. We are just entering the Monsoon season and the Bull frogs are great to film with their bellowing cheeks croaking away attracting a mate. Thanks for the tutorial.

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