How to Pack Light for Travel and Never Check in Luggage

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How to pack light as a woman and still look stylish and not check in any luggage when you are traveling to Europe or anywhere for 2 weeks or 1 month. I give you packing tips and secrets to travel like a pro, look great and take all your essentials.

Here are the references made in the video – I LOVE these brands, I have chosen them for great its functionality, versatility & durability:

1. eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Junior
2. Lucy for excellent long-lasting stretchy travel pants.
3. Patagonia or eBags for best MLC: Maximum Legal Carryon luggage.
4. UniQlo for durable, affordable neutral color tops and stylish vest.
5. Baggallini for rain-proof, expandable purse and jewelry organizing bags.
6. Katmandu for high-quality rain jacket.
7. Ecco for excellent, extremely comfortable walking shoes.
8. Sherpani Verve for laptop messenger bag.
9. ExOfficio for the blue sleep shirt.
10. Three Dots for the blue stretching dress.

Packing light and traveling like a pro is a skill that you can learn like any other, and I’ve had to learn this from years of traveling the world and from doing it wrong before getting it right. So in this video, I show you the following in a step-by-step process:

1. How to think about your packing and your travel needs.
2. How to set aside everything you need beforehand.
3. How to create your wardrobe in your mind first.
4. How to choose the best luggage and bags to best protect your stuff.
5. How to roll your clothes instead of folding them for maximum space usage.
6. How to organize all of your essentials in a clean and hygienic way.
7. How to take all of your makeup and toiletries without going overboard.
8. How to feel good and confident about not checking in luggage. Ever.

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Grab the fear-crushing travel guide above complete with instructions on packing like a pro, traveling in style and visiting the world on a budget.

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Geri Azzolini says:

I’m traveling to Switzerland and this was awesome, I can’t wait to start packing now, I hate to pack but love your method, thank you!

Ruth Cline says:

Some good tips but I think I’d rather have a small rolling bag that I can stack a laptop bag on and not have to lug things around.

Mercedes Lluberes says:

Thanks for sharing with us; very helpfull; I hoped you enjoyed your trip to europe

Nancy Bryant says:

I couldn’t believe you got all that in that little bag. Good job! ( but I was saying “no, don’t leave the gray sweater!)

PinayTunay says:

what i do before packing my clothes, i write on my notebook that i bring to my travel the clothes that i wear EACH day. i have my itinerary so i know what kinds of clothes to wear day. i mix ands match. that way i dont over pack. i only bring an extra or two tops and 2 pcs of underwears depending on how long i will travel.

pixalu says:

When I first started watching this I thought you had the full size TLS. But the Junior?!?!? Impressive! That's a lot of stuff!

pixalu says:

Finally! Someone showing how to bring the workout clothes too. I like to run on trips to see places and get my exercise. Managing how to bring all the workout attire has been my biggest packing challenge. One way I do it is make my running tops also my pjs. I don't like my legs covered while sleeping any way. And the sports shirts dry fast, so easy to wash. Another is I run in Saucony Jazz sneakers in a neutral brown color (gray or black would work too.) They work fine for going for a run for a couple of weeks. This way these can be tour around town shoes too without looking too "American." LOL!

Sharon Curtis says:

Your packing style is the same as mine.WOW – I got tired just Watching you pack. You did a good job, & now I had better get started packing!

Ali apartmentgirl360 says:

I have two or three Baggalini bags, love how functional they are.

Chris Saunders says:

So you’re only taking one pair of pants (black). And you’re taking how many shirts? One tip if you like using packing cubes, I use the clear plastic bags that come with sheets, pillowcases, etc., they are see through and they’re thicker plastic and have zippers. Also you can use your return address labels and stick a couple inside each piece of luggage/backpack. One last thing, I use zip ties instead of locks to keep my zippers closed and bring a small pair of folding scissors. As you can tell, I’ve traveled a lot over the years too.

Fou LaPaix says:

How much does the bag weigh?

Karen Martin says:

You may have answered this but you have so many comments, I cannot read them all. Who makes your rain jacket?
Great video, By the way.

Liza Mckoy says:

Hi i just came accross your video and i must say you are awesome with the packing light ideas. Whenever i travel i always take stuff i dont end up using. I love that haversack/luggage you have. Please could you tell me where i could get that luggage to buy? You are so organised that i see myself in you. lol. Thank you so much. You made packing so simple.

fan8281 says:

Expandible bag for presents? YOU'RE CHECKING-IN when flying back.

Penny Duncan says:

You’re a genius

Corine Hannaford says:

Farnoosh, that was awesome. Love the tips. Where did you get all those smaller bags, though? I think that is a great idea.

Kindle Parsons says:

Socks in the shoes is a new idea for me! I'll try that soon on my trip from Canada to London/Belfast.

Kristine Jacobs says:

Why do you say iPhone, can't you just say phone. I have an android phone but would never say an here's my Samsung

Malvina Abbott says:

This is not what I call light packing but it truly was amazing to see how much could be packed in the bag. If you are solely responsible for carrying around your bag for five weeks, I would take far less in the way of clothing. Of course, what you take is a very personal decision and is driven by your lifestyle and needs. I always enjoy videos such as this as I invariably pick up and idea or two. My bottom line is always remembering I travel to see not to be seen.

Roxana E says:

Thank you for your great video!

Sheila Strother says:

Great video. Where do buy all of your little bags/pouches?

Shirlee Jack says:

Use mesh laundry bags for pouches . You can see what is inside and
use for laundry while traveling.

Veleta Nabors says:

That’s all well and good but most airlines, especially European airlines, have rules not only about the dimensions of one’s luggage but also the weight of one’s luggage as well, and their overage fees are very expensive. Your big bag would have to be checked luggage. It would not stand the test of their baggage dimensions rule. They limit what you can take even if it fits in your carry-on suitcase with the weight rule. Therefore, this is not a practical tutorial. Checkout the baggage regulations for Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, two very popular airlines. Unless you upgrade to a class higher than economy, you could not take this on the plane. Just saying.

Carol Wood says:

I like this video. You pack the same way I do. We always take TOO much stuff – and we can easily justify every piece. LOL!!!! I'm wondering if the weight of your bag is OVER the (new) limit…7kgs! The airlines have become VERY strict. What would you do if they refuse to accept it on boarding the plane?

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