How to get into CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY – tips to get clients and jobs!

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How can you get your foot in the door for corporate event photography jobs? In this video, I talk about the type of photography I do the most: corporate and government event photography. I photograph these types of events on pretty much a weekly basis and they make me more money than any other type of photography. I do, however, find myself asking, “what do these companies need these photos for?” Many of the events I photograph involve standing networking receptions with important people, speeches and toasts and panel discussions. Sometimes, it can be challenging to get interesting shots – especially when people are just standing around in circles and eating food.

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Clara says:

I shot destination weddings on hot beaches in Mexico, it paid the bills but mostly you stand around waiting. It was kind of boring. And you were not allowed to wear beach wear 🙂 It was so hot and sweaty.

Jose Santos says:

Thank you!!!

Larry Glatt says:

Great video. Yes, me again. Most of my work was 2 to 4 day events, sometimes including evenings. I charged a flat rate for the day/evening included. When asked why my rate was as high as it was my answer was; "if you go overtime there is no additional cost so you don't have to be concerned about going over budget & you know there are always schedule changes. Call me the last minute to come in earlier or stay later, you want images on site or the next morning so you can have them for video display. I had a MAJOR automaker ask for images every 30 mins so they could put them up on the video screens. At events people would see me & say they saw themselves on the screens & were excited about it. Go figure. Yes, I did lots of dinners, cocktail hours, holiday parties (posted their images online for ordering on a secure site) and embassy events; used to call some 'grip & grins' lol.

Lorenzo Fernandez-Kopec says:

Hi Nicole, I'm interested in photographing the type of events you're talking about. However, as someone just starting (without word of mouth buzz, but good skills and professionalism) How did you get the word out to people in the very beginning? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks from San Francisco.

iAmDCraze says:

Great vid and advice!

Christina Abken Photography says:

That is an interesting career field of corporate events. I do concert and events photography occasionally with my radio station company Mapleton Communications. I bought a camera and taught myself how to take photos. Shortly after fell in love with it. I just graduated college and have been working harder at getting my photography business out there. My website is here: Concerts are fun and a challenge at the same time.

Glen Gordon Jr. says:

This video was fire. I live in DC, been low balling myself! New game plan.

Robert Finnegan says:

It sounds like I may have stumbled into the beginning of a new career, c/o my current employer! I'm a beginner photographer(including aerial photography with my drone) and I've been working with my company now for about 13 years. This year for our Corporate Challenge events, they were thinking about finding an official photographer. A friend that I work with, who is on the Corporate Challenge committee, threw my name in the hat knowing that I'm getting more serious with my photography lately. So the head of the Corporate Challenge committee came to me and asked if I was interested! Although I won't get top dollar, I will get some compensation but as a beginner I don't care! It's a deal for them and a recurring Corporate Event gig for me. It's a win/win! This could be huge, this is a worldwide company! Now I'm just trolling for tips on what to shoot! lol

Jose Uribe says:

I'm a wedding photographer based in Chicago. I'm looking into shooting corporate events and Professional head shots. Thanks for sharing your info

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