How to Catch a Train in Europe

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Thinking of traveling through Europe? Interail or EuroRail? If you are taking the trains here are a few tips and suggestions for taking the train in Europe.
Filmed in Innsbruck, Austria
Copyright Mark Wolters 2013


Northernlightshow says:

The British rail system is totally different from the rest of Europe. “Wagons” are called coaches and “track” is called a platform.
A lot of people in the UK dislike the term “train station” as the correct British English is “railway station”.
The British railway network is run by different companies. There’s a different operator (franchise) for each long distance “intercity” route and other franchises for regional, local railways (London Underground and tram systems are not part of this). Long distance journeys buying tickets on the day is amazingly expensive but booking in advance can make it really cheap. You can use the train company’s app in your phone or, with the credit card you booked them on, pick up from most major stations from special machines. Word of warning is advance tickets are only valid for a specific train at a certain time.
Tickets you can use anytime are actually called “Anytime” but for long journeys very expensive. There are flexible “Off Peak” tickets, but these have time restrictions around rush hour and more expensive than Advance fares.
Despite a bad reputation, Britain has a fantastic rail network that is safe, mostly reliable, travels to amazing places via beautiful countryside and if you plan your journey and book in advance, cheap.
The train operating companies (TOCs) have a joint website at

SIMBA Dabs says:

I subscribed

SergiHD says:

How much time in advance should you be at the station? Thanks!

Gurdev Suwali says:

Hey mate could you give some advice on how to catch a train to London from elsewhere in the UK, I'm new to all this catching trains stuff? Thanks.

amazinginspiration says:

Hi Wolter! It wil be my first time going to Europe and taking the train across different countries . Can you Please advise which trains I should take?? I researched, and don't know whether I can buy train ticket on the spot, or which trains to take? I am really confused. Would really appreciate your advice. Thanks Man! And Great Videos!

David Scott says:

I wish I would have seen this video before we went to Berlin. What sucks worse than dragging luggage, is standing on the platform next to an empty car, which refuses to open the doors, then while trying to figure out what is going on, the train pulls away from the station.

hoaxdeath01 says:

Hey we are going to Switzerland, Paris then London next year in may, Is it cheaper and easier to get euro train pass or to get separate tickets.

Robin says:

Do all train stations have the map indicating where your assigned coach is going to be? I didn't see one in Bruges and ended up counting the coaches from the wrong direction. I had to walk six coaches back while it was moving and tell someone they were in my seat! 

Larisse Pimentel says:

Que triste, eu nao entendi praticamente nada. :'(

NordikFilm says:

The stretch Brenner-Innsbruck was replaced by bus when I travelled last summer.

No train Berlin-Rome but there are trains Munich-Rome

Wolters World says:

you are very welcome

hondarider519 says:

@woltersworld lol well if you're going to get in trouble for it then don't wouldn't want you to get detained for making a youtube video

Wolters World says:

i will see what i can do 🙂 they tend to frown a pone filming in airports though 🙂

hondarider519 says:

Hey mark you should make a video on how to get through the airport lol, because when I go to Pearson international (Toronto) I'll have no idea how to find my plane

Tvrtko1995 says:

I cannot stand public transportation. If I cannot afford a car, I am not going to go anywhere. Period. Even airplane is too much for me. But, maybe once in 10 years I can survive. Because of incredible low level of comfort, I try to avoid it as much as I can. I am doing pretty good. I haven't use plane for 3 years; bus, probably, 20 years and the train more than 30. It's just not worth trouble.

Mark Wolters says:

very true. that is one of the things I wish I would have spoken more about in the video. this was one I made literally on the spot (if you cant tell 😉
but yeah, I always hated that eurorail was not for all trains… just some…

Plasticman says:

ah trains. i became very familiar with them on my 3 month journey through europe. such a great way to travel when your there.
One thing i learned with my Eurail pass is that about 75% of the trains i took needed a reservation. I had to pay a bit on top of the rail pass. Also in places like France and Spain, i found it difficult to avoid the high speed trains. which can be very expensive, only 60% off with rail pass, and sometimes need reservations a few days in advance. or weeks in high season.

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