How Much Does It Cost To Travel Europe For A Month

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Europe is one of my all time favorite places to visit! The last three summers i’ve spend over a month traveling all around the continent. While it can be expensive, I want to show you how to do it, and how much it costs!

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Here are some travel tips to help dramatically lower your costs:
1. Travel with a friend. This will cut a lot of your costs in half such as a car rental, gas, and lodging!
2. The longer you stay, the less you’ll spend. If you stay in one location, this will help you save dramatically because you can get a long stay airbnb for $500 – $1000 and you won’t be spending money on flights and car rentals, and can make your own food.

Budget ideas for $2000/month:
– $400 on flights
– $10/day on food ($300)
– $1000 on lodging ($33/day)
– $300 on transportation

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Kyle Jeffery says:

Take me with you Ryan. 😀

152kiran says:

Amazing ! The last place in the video where you jump off the hill is it Greece ? where is it?

Jacek Ż says:

If you like mountains you should definitely check out Tatra mountains in Poland. I am currently living in Poland so I can help you out if you will come here

Lukas Huber says:

Also, if you're from Europe you can save big time by staying in Europe. Most Europeans look for places far from home when traveling when theres so many things to explore at home! Greetings from Linz, Austria ✌️

simon weiser says:

Dude maybe fly a bit less

J Smith says:

3000$ + 3800$ = 6800$ !!
Ok let's keep watching YouTube videos lol

Elise Lok says:

Thank you so much for this video! Can I ask you how you've been able to afford these trips? Like have you saved up for them, or do you just get random jobs in Europe? (I do realise you earn money by making these videos haha but I have no clue if that's enough)

will thinkk says:

Thank me later

Saasp Ty says:

Thank you so much!!!
That is my dream life!!!

wasi haider says:

Ryan keep up the good work and you can set up a patreaon account so that people can help creators like you

Harley RUIZ says:

very interesting point amigo! I will see it a couple of times! Thanks

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